HOW TO economically DECORATE CLOSET DOORS (6 steps!)

Ada Gonzalez - Adas Interior Design Inc - lotus wall decal on closet door ideas

There is an easy, economical, and pretty way to decorate closet doors without using paint. Perfect for renters and home owners. How? By installing gorgeous wall decals! There are so many pretty designs that LOOK like wallpaper. Today’s post I’ll bring you to one of my decal installations, and show you how to ECONOMICALLY decorate closet doors like I did for my clients bedroom. Check out the 6 steps I take to transform closet doors. 


Decals usually arrive sandwiched in between a backer liner (usually white or tan color) and a front transfer liner (which is clear in color so you can see the design as you press it onto the surface (door / wall / etc).

  1. make sure doors are clean / clear of dust
  2. (of need be) trim decal design (decals usually arrive in large sheets so cut around the design so you can have individual lotus flower decals)
  3. temporarily tape the individual decals onto door until you are happy with the location (use washi or painters tape)
  4. remove the backer liner sheet (usually white or tan color) and the temporary tape (throw these away) and press the decal design side onto the door
  5. the front clear transfer liner sheet is now facing you. Squeegee every section of the transfer decal onto the wall
  6.  Remove the clear liner, pulling it downward.

I temporarily attached the decals with painters tape until I got the scattered look that I was aiming for. See the ladder in the photo? It became my BFF for this project to reach the TOP of the closet door. Thank goodness Evelisa was there, she tackled 2 doors and I tackled the other 2 to make the installation go faster.

Sometimes design dots remained on the transfer paper (see pics below) …. we had to gently remove the dots from the transfer paper ONE BY ONE BY ONE by ONE, and apply them manually onto the door. Not all decal qualities are made the same - some are easier to install than others relative to the glue and thickness of the details.  Adas Interior Design Inc - lotus wall decal on closet door

plain white zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
before photo Master Bed_North Wall4

Gorgeous lotus design decals attached to closet doors.

My clients’ bedroom now has a space where they do yoga so it was important to find a decal design that gave a relaxing visual elegance. Mission accomplished. I hope YOU love it too!

1 lotus wall decal - closet ideas



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