2 easy ways to decorate a tall wall economically without nails

2 ways to decorate a tall wall Snowstorm has made it’s way to New York, it’s so pretty but we are taking pre-cautions by stocking up on food, flashlights, ice-cream - you know, the essentials  juuuust in case. I’m still fighting a cold but I’ll attempt to finish this post before the cold medicine knocks me out (zzzz). Hope you are home safe and warm. Today I will show you 2 super easy and economical ways to decorate a tall wall without nails or photo frames or acrobatic equipment. To illustrate, I’ll use a photo I took of one of my clients rooms, their kid’s bedroom, to give them (and you) 2 fun ideas on how (and why) to decorate it. Economically, but of course!  Btw, did you spot my Starbucks coffee in the photo? haha.

How to decorate it economically? Aim to paint or tape a design. Yep, that simple. Simplicity makes a HUGE impact. Don’t believe me, then check it out for yourself below. For the kid’s bedroom I though it would be fun to create a house design on the wall so below I illustrate two ways.

The 2 ways to decorate your TALL walls: 
(1) with paint
with tape

(1) With PAINT, here’s a peek at how it would look:

paint a wall design Painting is magic! It makes a wall FUN in an instinct. You can paint a house design on the wall and even paint a window (as I did above) and maybe even add a real flower box to the window area to make it more dimensional.

Why bother decorating tall walls? When you have doors within a mega tall wall, it’s important to add SOMETHING that provides visual height (aka: distraction) from the tall walls or else, your room may look like a tiny dollhouse in a giants’ playland. Basically, it looks w-e-i-r-d.

before and after Then there’s washi tape (washi tape is very gentle to walls). You can tape a house design outline and even add a tree design like this one below from BoligLiv.

Tape tree

(2) With washi TAPE, here’s a peek at how it would look. The outline gives it a cute cartoon-like look to it. You can also create a tree with washi tape, add hooks to the tree and turn it into a tree rack to hold hats.

tape a design - washi tape

Psst, if you are feeling really creative you can also combine washi tape and paint … maybe paint some smoke coming out of the washi taped chimney. It’s unique. It’s fun. Its economical. All sounds like a soup of awesomeness, right?!  That reminds me … I need another dose of chicken noodle soup for my cold. Have a beautiful inspired week!

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6 Responses to 2 easy ways to decorate a tall wall economically without nails

  1. Great idea Ada! I love the tree though, and I think I would use the entire space with that alone. I’d use center column for the trunk and fill up most of the top area with leaves and branches. Maybe with some chalkboard paint? Perfect for a kids room!

    I’m all hunkered down and waiting for this blizzard… after all the hype I’m wondering if any snow is actually coming. It hasn’t snowed here in a few hours. (I’m right on the border of Putnam and Westchester)

    Well I hope you feel better soon! Be safe!

    • Ada says:

      Thanks Rebekah, I am feeling better. Chalkboard paint is always so much fun. I especially love using dry erase paint on walls, perfect fun for kids and adults (even I have a door painted with dry erase paint and hubs and I constantly draw / decorate it/ and play word games on it). Hope you found/find time to play in the snow!

  2. Antonio says:

    What an awesome idea. I love the house and how it fills in the wall space perfectly.

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