e-decorating peek | Dream Design Kit for {Manhattan} NY client

Happy Monday!!!!!! Here’s another one of my Dream Design Kit e-decorating designs … this one was for Lisa from Manhattan, New York. She is a biz owner who works from home when she isn’t visiting clients. I designed her living room and home office area, and also surprised her with a few more design elements … adding a space for her assistant to work (because my designs focus on the life you want to live, but just on how you currently live) and a maximized dining area that didn’t feel squoooshed.

Here are the furniture / decorative items I found for her:

And here is what Lisa emailed me upon receipt of her very own eDecorating Dream Design Kit: I just got my Dream Design Kit and I am blown away! You did an AMAZING, thoughtful job. I LOVE the inspiration desk – and how you said that it would be great for an assistant – it’s like you went beyond reading my mind, and actually thought MORE about my space and what I might need than I ever did. I want to move my couch and chairs RIGHT NOW to see how that feels.

I am very proud of Lisa for taking the time to send in the room’s measurements, photos, and questionnaire form so I could create a design for her comfort, style, and personality.  Are you ready to start the NEW YEAR with a NEW home design that reflects you and comforts you? I’ll be happy to create a design exclusively for you! ~ I do not reveal where I found any of the above items out of respect for my paying clients. For more information on getting your very own Dream Design Kit(our virtual eDecorating service) go here or email info@adasdesigninc.com. Perfect for all Do it Yourselfers - I create the design just for you and you can roll up your sleeves to have fun implementing it.

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2 Responses to e-decorating peek | Dream Design Kit for {Manhattan} NY client

  1. Jonathan says:

    This design kit is a winner! The layout is spacious but functional, and the color scheme is so relaxing. Your client must be so happy.

    • Ada says:

      Hi Jonathan .. glad to hear that u think so (yaay!). My client did love it!!! So funny sometimes sensing (from their initial emails) that they r nervous about the investment in it (not knowing the end results) and then the relief they feel when they do receive the design with items, functionality, and personality they they love. Every design is special to me … every client is uniquely beautiful :) Have a GREAT day!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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