Cuuuute Animal Clocks! Meet Fernando the Fish ….

Have you heard? We are revamping the blog … aiming for a mid October launch of the new blog/website. Stay tuned for details including what we will be featuring (I believe you are going to LOVE IT!!!!). In the meantime, I am going to be sharing with you a series of clock decor with a wide variety of styles for the next couple of weeks …. showing you how a simple decor (even a clock!) can make an impact in mood & style within the room. Check out these adorable clocks starting with Fernando the Fish:

Fernando the Fish
was spotted for $150.00 (a bit pricey, but all soooo cute!). Here are a few more from an animal collection:
All the clocks above were spotted at Stay tuned for more Clock decor inspiration .. and yes, I will share ones that I spotted at a more economical price range. Today, take the time to look around to view the clocks around you (in a restaurant, in your home, in school, at the doctor’s office, in a store, at the supermarket, etc.) … and see how they make you feel .. do they wow, do they make you smile, do they bore you, etc. Have a SPECTACULAR day!!!!  * Hugs, Ada - Interior Decorator for the Star in You!

~ You can live in comfort and style with affordable solutions that illuminate your personality to fuel your happiness and passions in life. I am happy to help you, visit: While there, remember to grab your FREE gift … my interior decorating e-book (49 pages) called ‘Delicious Decorating for the Star in You”.


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2 Responses to Cuuuute Animal Clocks! Meet Fernando the Fish ….

  1. Andrea Costantine says:

    Those are cute, I've always loved some dog and cat ones I've seen in gift shops! I think the fish is my fav!

  2. Melissa Kline says:

    These are SO cute! My favorite is the fish and the elephant. You always find the cutest things! Looking forward to the new website. How exciting! :)

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