Making dairy-free crumb cake (psst, I cheated!)

Are you a fan of coffee crumb cake? I am (big time!). But I have been eliminating dairy from my diet (a slight detox sort of speak), so whats this gal to do when she craves CAKE? … drive, hop, zoom to Mrs Greens Natural Food Market! Other great markets are Trader Joes, and Whole Foods.

I have been on the mission to eat + cook/bake healthier, but that doesn’t mean I’ll skimp on yumminess like crumb cake or that I have to spare hours to prepare/bake every day (maybe soooooome days … picture my face plastered with flour as I run around my kitchen). I am all for EASINESS! So when I craved some coffee cake I headed to Mrs Greens Natural Market for the CAKE-IN-THE-BOX fix (yep, I cheated!). The mixture was completely DAIRY-FREE just needed eggs + water. And it turned out delicious (seriously, EVEN hubby liked it). So when you r crazy busy, have a craving + diet restrictions, instead of slaving over the oven … feel empowered to ‘bake’ cheat.

Want a bite? 

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