{ hi } … my ‘cotton balls’ wreath


This year I wanted to create a super economical unique wreath for Christmas, so I created one with … cotton balls.  Yep, the ones us gals usually use for removing make-up. So I eyed a few bags of cotton balls in my home and ATTACK!  I looooove the way it turned out - here’s a peek:

Let me REWIND! I first laid out the cotton balls, sprayed it with clear adhesive glue, then sprinkled (more like SHOWERED it) with glitter … bec of course our wreath has to have a level of glam to it:

Then, a package that I recently received had Styrofoam panels in them .. so ATTACK! I grabbed the white foam and using a circle guide I drew a circle onto the foam with a pencil for the inside of the wreath, then I hunted my measuring tape and penciled in 2-1/2″ guide for the outer part of the wreath. Then, my Styrofoam cutter came handy (thank goodness for the invention of it). Perfect circle:

Here’s the glitter I used:

Then glue parteeeee:

I made sure I pressed the cotton balls on all sides (so no one sees the Styrofoam):

Then voila! I added feathers and an artificial poinsettia, and tied it with a candy cane like ribbon. I completely LOVE the way it turned out. Do you like it?

Here are more images … sooooo fluffy!

Can you see the sparkly glitter?

So, what do you think of it? It def fits our red and white Christmas color scheme theme for this year. Next few days I will show how I (ok, ok, … hubby did help) decorated our home for this merry holiday. Ohhhh, I’ll also be showing you some gift tags ideas. Happy weekend!!!

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3 Responses to { hi } … my ‘cotton balls’ wreath

  1. Janet says:

    This wreath is very unique. It looks so fluffy. I like the touch of feathers around the poinsetta.

  2. That would be so fun on my husband’s office door!

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