Cool Coat Racks in ‘Disquise’ - Hip Double Agents!

Helloooo everyone! As many of you know, I LOVE, furniture items that serve dual purpose (perfect for small apartments like those in most NYC residential building), so today I share TWO that catch my eye because they are designed to ‘intrique’. Such as the coat rack below that looked like a FLOOR LAMP:

 Is it a coat rack or floor lamp? It is a coat rack disguised as a floor lamp. I love the simplicity of the design (clean straight lines) that give visual interest bec. it looks like a floor lamp and best of all …. it gives a splash of color to liven up any room. 
Here’s the picture of the floor lamp ..umm…  I mean the coat rack  that looks like a floor lamp:  
The above was spotted at for $99.95
Now, check out his swaaauve ‘Double Agent’ below. Is it a coat rack or sculptured art? It is both! Made from entwined tree root.
This Double Agent was spotted at for $279

I purchased this coat rack in one of my designs for a lovely couple in Brooklyn, NY, below is a picture of the room after the entire interior design was implemented:

Well, I am off to design a closet system today for a newlywed couple’s bedroom (to maximize all the space and have room for all items bags, shoes, ties, belts, jewelry, etc. … not just clothes). So off I go. I hope you enjoyed today’s Decoration Inspiration. Have a spectacular day!!! * Hugs, Ada - Interior Decorator for the Star in You!

~ You can live in comfort and style with affordable solutions that illuminate your personality to fuel your happiness and passions in life. I am happy to help you, visit: While there, remember to grab your FREE gift … my interior decorating e-book (49 pages) called ‘Delicious Decorating for the Star in You”.


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