Color Story - Yellow (living room inspired)

Our Color Story column is back baby! Woohooo. I love creating them (hunting down items in my office + home to feature), and it’s a destresser for me - some people paint, draw, yoga-size for their happy zone … but putting these color story collages (oh, and zumba classes) is my ‘Ada time’… a time that I am happy to share with you. Today’s accent color is yellow, featuring photos of my client Shumon’s living room design. Oh, did you see the yellow banana in the living room photo above? … it’s on the gorgeous clear nesting tables in front of the sofa. Ok, you maaaaay need to squint and move closer closer cloooser (just get a magnifier) to the photo to see it, but it’s there (I swear). I love adding fruits (for vibrant colors + so the crew can munch on them afterwards) in my design photo shoots. Check out more photos of the design I created for Shumon’s apartment here. I hope you come back every Saturday to see more new Color Stories. Feel free to PIN it  (pinterest coolness). How’s your weekend going?

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