Color Story … Orange (bedroom chair inspired)

Ready for more color stories? Today’s story is inspired by the orange chair that I purchased for my client’s bedroom. Warning: .. you may crave cream-sicle afterwards.



These are the carpet tile samples (a mix of 4 blue colors) that we added into the bedroom.  And the cereal? (stolen from hubby’s cereal jar) was placed for texture and for having the color orange (plus I didn’t want to sacrifice my Fruit Loops cereal hehehe).

You can check out the before and after photos of the bedroom design featured in today’s color story here. Quick notes: the bedframe was custom made (with cool sliding doors), the chandelier that we added is part of a fan (soooo elegant beautiful) … yes, can u believe it ???? … an “elegant” ceiling fan! Check it out here. If you love any of the photos above, please PIN away with Pinterest luv!

Stay tuned …. this week we are commencing our Sunday’s Soul Note blog series - featuring the wonderful Terra Rose Ganem, a Spiritual Nutritionist with a heart of gold; clients work with her through a fun, spiritual approach, to create their best body & life ever. Also this coming week will be the peek into my client’s Isela’s guest room (psst, here’s her living room reveal). Plus, I am getting an hour Swedish Massage treatment with a Sea Salt Polish … errr … not that that is BIG news … well, to me it is … I gotta de-stress people! I was all  r e l a x e d creating the color story for today .. then my camera battery died, then it starting RAINING (dark clouds not good when taking photo shoots), then … well, guess it doesn’t matter anymore it is in the past and all posted (woohooo)!  (p.s. the clouds parted and sun shined AFTER the photo shoot! urgh!).

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2 Responses to Color Story … Orange (bedroom chair inspired)

  1. noreen says:

    well the photos look just fine, ada. enjoy all your big news, especially the de-stressing ones!

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