Retractable clothesline is finally up (happy dance!)

I finaaaally installed a retractable clothesline in our bathroom. EPIC? You betcha! Why? Bec it’s one of those …. I’ll get to it later .. and later .. and (1 year after) later annoyances. Do you have one of those? You know, those …. I’ll-get-to-it-one-day”. Fixing a squeaky door, replacing a broken handle, getting a retractable clothesline to make like easier! And isn’t that what WE ALL WANT; to walk in a room with our wet laundry and have singing birds happily help you lift each piece of clothing onto a drying spot (yes, I clearly had way too much coffee that my imagination is running wild!). But you get the point right? Or better said, you know the feeling, right …. of relief when something you wanted/needed/dreamt …. (fixed) … is finally done.

As excited as I am about my new laundry BFF, this post was really created to show you an EASY TRICK that I learned the HARD WAY while installing the clothesline. What took me 20 minutes of struggle was resolved in less than 1 minute. A 15 minute project took me 36 minutes. Here’s why. 

The instruction was simple … screw the base/hook onto the wall -> and attach the clothesline disc to the hook -> then connect both with a tiny screw on top through microscopic holes on both pieces (the hook + the disc). Simply, right. hahahaha_cry!

The  implementation was not simple ….. since I could NOT see the holes, the holes of the hook and the disc had to align. URGH! What’s a gal to do. After 20 minutes (felt like 5 hours) I took a break, and check myself out in the mirror (as I thought ugh I am getting sweaty from this darn installation) … then DING DING DING lightbulb solution!


I picked up my compact mirror, spotted the 2 holes that aligned perfectly, picked up my screwdriver .. and in less than 60 seconds I had finished the installation. Yes, I danced, my happy dance! Side note: for info on how I make (DIY’d) the chevron valance go here and here for more bathroom behind the scenes peek. 

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  1. antonio says:

    It looks great

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