Ada + Patrick’s Bedroom in Christmas Time

Around Christmas time we decorate our master bedroom with minimal items that have a visual (you-know-it’s xmas-time) impact. We have a go-to-list of 5 items that we add without compromising the serene feel of our bedroom design. I especially loooove our artificial Christmas tree bec of the snow on the tree evokes a sense of serenity and beauty.

The 5 “must have” items in our bedroom are:
1. wreaths (we purchased the red one at Pier 1, we also added 2 lighted artificial ones to our windows)
2. tree (ours muuuust have snow, I think it goes wonderfully well with our fluffy white duvet. Picked up at JoAnn’s craft store)
3. red pillow / decor (this year we added a reindeer that we were given for xmas last year bec it’s sooo cute and kept getting sat on in the living room’s sofa - so we gave it a new home)
4. comfy throw (purchased at West Elm). It’s my all time favorite blankie - especially since it’s faux fur.
5. fluffy slippers (or boots, as in my case! It’s been snowing alot around here this season so I keep my snow boots handy).

Here’s our bedroom photoshoot . . . .


This year I decided to add red ribbons onto the wreaths, after they were all strung up! Yikes.  Sooo, down they came for prepping. I used paper clips to easily string them onto the window hooks. (More uses for paper clips here). Oh, and check out the red ribbon roll in the below photo .. it’s MEGA HUGE! Cost was only $0.50 at an estate sale (woot woot!).


I hope you enjoyed seeing how we decorated our bedroom this holiday season. Did you see yet the Christmas tree (drawn with chalk) in my kitchen? As you can see from the above photo, photoshoots (styling, lighting, etc) are exhausting zzzzzzzzz. I do have more pics on how we decorated the rest of our home (living room, fireplace mantle etc.). I’ll aim to post those tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to Ada + Patrick’s Bedroom in Christmas Time

  1. Antonio says:

    Your bedroom looks great. I also think the red ribbons on the wreaths add a great pop of holiday color. Have a Happy New Year!

  2. noreen says:

    happy new year, ada! your room looks lovely. i appreciate the work of your photos, too. that lighting is beautiful. keep up the great work in 2014!

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