Christmas Villages - How to create ‘towns’ in your home!

Hi! I spotted this Christmas Village display in and want to share it with you to inspire you to think ‘outside the box’ (or ‘village’) when displaying your Christmas village this season. What do I like about this village?:

I like how it is not just on one level, instead the village houses are displayed in different heights …. giving visual interest and separation of towns so to visit ‘a neighbor’ you would have to ‘drive up the mountain, or climb the mountain’ (visually of course!).

This set below is available at along
with many other wonderful Christmas villages:

This holiday, don’t simply display your Christmas village in ONE spot! Instead, create mini towns in your room … place a town on your side table, a town as your coffee table centerpiece, annnnd go even further … place a Christmas forest on your bathroom counter (line up several trees for holiday Christmas decorating IN your bathroom). Hey, just because it is Christmas doesn’t mean that your bathroom should be left out of this festive holiday! Have fun decorating ‘creatively’. Feel free to send me pictures of your unique village town set ups in your room(s). ~ Happy Holiday (((HUG)), Ada . Interior Decorator for the Star in You!

~ For more FUN and INSPIRING Christmas ideas and guide read Christmas Interior Decorating Made Easy by interior decorator Ada Gonzalez for $7.00 at

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