Picked and chopped our own Christmas Tree!

Last year we ended buying 2 Christmas trees bec it seemed that either we purchased it tooooo early (on Black Friday) or someone (me!) didn’t water it enough. So, this year hubby was determined to have us PICK, CHOOSE, and CHOP our own tree! We went to Stuarts Farm in Granite, NY. It was amazingly fun! Perhaps a lil bit more fun for me than hubs since he did the hard work as I sipped my hot cocoa (slurp .. giggle .. slurp .. take photos … slurp). Cost was $80 + tax on ANY (yep, ANY tree).  I took a few photos for you, including the weapon (saw) that we were given to tackle our very own Christmas tree . . .

The search  commences . . .

. . . as we enjoy a gorgeous day together (have I told you lately how much I love my husband). It’s always a delight spending time together on the weekends with our busy week schedule.

. . .  then we saw it. The one; The beautiful large lush tree, near the apple trees, that was going to be part of our Christmas . . .


After my giggle-fest, I put my hot cocoa aside and actually DID HELP CARRY the tree back to the barn to pay for it. Yep, this decorator gal is handy (as long as she has cafe or hot cocoa beforehand). At home we hubby drilled 3 holes on the base of the tree so water could flow in more easily (tip we learned last year AFTER the first tree dried up). With all the fun we had scouting, picking, chopping, the $80 (plus tax) was soooo worth it! I will post pictures when it’s decorated. Have a beautiful day!

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7 Responses to Picked and chopped our own Christmas Tree!

  1. noreen says:

    ada, it’s lovely! we do this every year, but i’ve never heard about drilling holes in the bottom so it will take in water better. makes sense. hey - how do you write with cursive on your photos?
    i’ll check back and see how you decorated it. joy! n

  2. Antonio says:

    That looks like sooo much fun. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Ada says:

      It was, plus it is now a holiday tradition in our family (that and going ice-skating every winter). Happy holidays!!!

  3. Aww I love it!! Tree farms are so much fun, it’s always the highlight of my holiday season. :)

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