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Wednesday’s Wink … { my story PUBLISHED in a book }

Did you know? … that my story has been featured in a book! It is called Speaking Your Truth. I remember when I received the hard copy at my door stop .. it was so EXCITING flipping through it … READ MORE

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Weekend Color Story … { subway train dressed + gift tags )

Hola! Today’s weekend color story is inspired by NYC’s Shuttle subway cars (I’ll reveal pics soon). But 1st, did you notice the orange gift tags below? I LOVE the design on the tags. Pssst, they are cut from the back … READ MORE

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Weekend Color Story … { apple picking }

Happy weekend! It was funny taking this photoshoot below. At one point I couldn’t resist grabbing one of the cookies, then (ready for this? ……) 1 of the eggs rolled from the table to the floor SPLAT ! Certain things … READ MORE


Wednesday’s Wink . . . wallpaper samples peek (2of2)

Below are a few more wallpaper samples that I have in my office….. wallpaper + my camera = photoshoot for you! I .. well, actually … my feet …are very glad to be working from the office today, yesterday was … READ MORE

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Wednesday’s Wink … wallpaper {brick} peek 1of2

If you loooove the look of bricks on a wall but don’t have natural brick on your walls then a brick wallpaper design may be perfect for you. I had these samples in my office and set them up so … READ MORE


eDecorating peek | Dream Design Kit {New Hampshire}

Wow, Monday already … doesn’t the weekend always seem to fly by?! I hope you enjoyed every moment. There is a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that I love .. and it definitely made me think twice when I read … READ MORE


Weekend Color Story … { my hiking trip }

Hello my dear readers! How’s your weekend? Today’s color story is inspired from photos of a hiking trip. When I tell my friends I went hiking at a nature preserve they give me a ‘who are you?’ look(knowing I … READ MORE

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Monday’s Make-it … serving tray pattern {Everything LEB}

Hi and yikes …. I almost didn’t get to publish this post today on time (Monday!) …. phew! I’ll make my intro brief so you can spend more time being mesmerized by today’s DIY find. It’s by Lindsay from Everything READ MORE

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Happy weekend …. {Venetian style estate}

I spotted this article in Martha Stewart Living magazine that has beauty in photo and words. The article is featured in the February 2010 issue (yes, I am finally ‘catching up’ in my reading). It is on page 116, … READ MORE

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Monday’s Make-it . . . Ceiling Wallpaper? Yes ‘ceiling’!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a GREAT weekend. Mine involved going to the international New York Times Travel Show in Jacob Javits Center, I kept eyeing the rock climbing wall but didn’t have my adventure shoes on so didn’t … READ MORE

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