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Tasty Tuesdays {Ezekiel bread deliciousness}

    In my “eating healthier’ fix, I am aiming to incorporate more whole grain bread like Ezekiel bread. Have you ever tried it? I found it in the frozen section of whole foods/organic market? Of course I had to PIMP IT … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it {diy remote caddy for bedframe}

See where we have our remote control? Yep on the side of the bed. Literally ON THE SIDE, not on the nightstand. I’ll make today’s post quick (um, hopefully). COMFORTS to me include warmth (cozy bed) and accessibility to things. … Continue reading

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FF {curtains added to bedroom for coziness}

Happy thank goodness it’s here Friday! Okay, here it is, a follow-up peek into the bedroom I decorated for my client Bill. Last Wed, I showed you photos of the living room which leads into the bedroom, so today it’s time … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Wink {What, Decorate with Wood Pallets? Yep}

Here they are … more pics of the living room (office / dining room) design installation for my client Bill. If u missed the previous posts, I gave some sneak peeks of the dining area here and of the meticulous awesome faux wood-grain painting by Anthony here. As … Continue reading

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Tasty Tuesdays {Green Juice w/my yum ingredient}

    I jump started eating healthier-ish (emphasize on the ‘ish’) this new year starting with almost-daily green juice shakes which are super-EASY to make and gives me lots of energy. So much that I have actually managed to ….. … Continue reading

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Fridays Followup {curtains up/ OMG faux wood beams}

Today’s post is a follow up from this Wednesdays Wink’s post where I gave you a peek of the dining area I designed (yum coffee shop inspired!) for my client Bill. The pic below shows the entryway leading to the living room. To make it seem … Continue reading

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Wed’s Wink … { coffee shop or dining area? }

Hi! Today’s post features one of my full service designs that I created/implemented for my client, Bill, in upper east side (Manhattan). Before our first meeting, we chatted on the phone where Bill revealed that he was hoping to get a cozy … Continue reading

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Tasty Tuesdays … { treat yourself w/2 magic words }

  Isn’t the snowman marshmallow simply ADORABLE? I spotted it at Michaels craft store, and it instantly gave me a smile so I purchased it EVEN THOUGH I dislike the taste of marshmallows. Hmm, crazy? I don’t think so, bec … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Wink … { eDesign of nursery w/guest room }

Today is def a HOT CHOCOLATE day, it’s so brrrrr in New York. These cold days make me even more grateful for my edesign service where I can still help clients while hibernating in my warm toasty office. This design … Continue reading

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Tasty Tuesday … { brownie xmas topping }

    Merry Christmas!!!!! I prepped this post earlier in the week to share a SIMPLE tip on how to create a quick xmas tree design on a brownie (or any cake / treat of your choice). Aren’t they deliciooooooous … Continue reading

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