YOUR 7 WEEKEND LINKS (cat costumes - see compilation)

490_ada Gonzalez LEtters WEEKEND Here are some more behind the scenes photos of my installation at Stephanie & Bill’s modern living room. As you see I first MARK the walls with a paper guide (attached with blue painters tape) to get the perfect visual height for wall decor before nails go into the walls. So, how’s your October going? Are you ready for Halloween? Well, we will help you get ready -  sending your way economical decorating ideas and funniest animal costumes (for animals, kids, and those us us who still LOVE to ‘dress up’ for Halloween). You have to see the lobster cat costume that I am considering getting for our little T-rex kitten (though he may strike revenge next month). Enjoy the (guaranteed to make you smile) links below.

490 - ada gonzalez New York Interior Decorator
(to smile, laugh, make, admire, drool over)

  1. Must see adorable cat costumes (including batmancat one)
  2. “Hoo, Hoo” wants to make these, I’ll be the first in line to eat them
  3. Autumn-ize your books (free printable too!)
  4. Can’t wait to give this caramel apple twist a try
  5. Easy way to organize your scarves (hint: it involves shower curtain rings)
  6. Remember to make (fold) these napkins this season
  7. Did you know you could do this with tin foil? I didn’t.
  8. This mug has our office morning motto, no joke!
  9. Seriously considering getting the lobster costume for our kitten.


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