Candle holders that look (but are NOT) expensive!

Hi! Thank goodness for the invention of air conditioners for it is very HOT in New York today : )

Today I want to share how YOU can incorporate decor in your home that LOOKS expensive without being expensive! While in Bora Bora, I spotted these hi-end candle holders and lamps (crystal glass with elegant curves):

They reminded me of these candle holders below (cool curves as well), major difference is the PRICE TAG .. for the below design range from $2.95 - $4.95 (yes, less than $5 buckaroos) at

So again, your home can look HI-END without the expensive costs - and that my freind is HOW I design my projects … the focus is not on getting expensive furniture but a design that brings comfort and joy to my clients for the most valuable treasure in homes are the ‘people’.
Have a GREAT day!! Stay tuned for more Decoration Inspirations. Oh, here’s a picture of a FUN chair we spotted:

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