Can you guess which is the $1,800 dining table?

Hi, it’s Ada. As you probably know by now, all the rooms I design focus in creating a visually ‘expensive look’ without costly the expensive $$$ amount. It’s not that I do not value high-end (they deserve all the credit they get and sure deserve it), but not everyone can afford them …. so that is when my team and I put on our super hero outfits to help people live in comfort and style ‘economically‘ via our full interior decorating service and our do-it-yourself services.

Ready for a quiz?

Below are 2 pictures of a ‘Saarinen’ style table, named from the Finnish-American furniture designer and architect that brought the design to life - Eero Saarinen. He has been quoted to say “I wanted to clear up the slum of legs” when explaining why he come up with the design.

Now, can you recognize the table that goes for about $1,800 and the one that is sold for approx. $150? Yes, a major price difference:

Picture 1:

Picture 2:
Very good eye if you guessed that picture 1 has the $1800 price tag, and picture 2 is a replica of the design. The look is similar, the materials make are very different … as well as the price tag. But, if you cannot afford to get the expensive one, then TREAT YOURSELF to a similar style and hey … no one needs to know how much you paid for it (I sure won’t tell). ~ Ada
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  1. Anonymous says:

    very cool Ada

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