No grass, just snow! PLUGGED into Nature

We were all set to photo shoot in the park. Visualize ….. grass + pond plus blue skies. Perfect right? Noooooooo. Instead, we got snow snow and more snow. The park and pond was completely covered with snow. So what did we (problem solvers) do? Into the snow we ventured! Hike hike hike almost-fall-face-in-the-snow hike! Today’s post are a few more pics of our venture and ‘thinking’ behind the scenes. Starting with the outfit. I pulled the outfit for the shoot (yep, lately I am a stylist besides juggling interior decorating haha). And yes, those are my feet in the photo with blue stockings (did I tell u I love photography too?) . . .

Emily caught this “moment” as my foot fell about 7 inches into the snow. I was totally walking on eggshell snow!

The original editorial photo shoot plan was to tape the drill’s cord onto the tree to give a …. being ‘plugged’ with creativity from nature …. look. Get it? Get it? Wink! But with all the snow, we decided to ‘plug’ the drill into the beautiful snow (still nature’s creation, right????). We liked the color contrast (black cord + white snow).

Of course, since I was holding a drill we had to have some fun (Charlie’s Angels moves) into the shoot. Did I mention how wonderfully WARM these faux fur boots are. However, they are also platform boots (EEK … yep, I was walking in heels). Needless to say, I was tempted to ‘pretend’ to fall in the snow just to rest my feet hahaha. Aren’t you excited for Spring season (aka: time when I dig up my comfy flat shoes) to arrive? Here are more pics below with Irene’s professional pic at the end.

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2 Responses to No grass, just snow! PLUGGED into Nature

  1. Well, if you can’t beat it join it right?! And join it you did (so impressed there was even a skirt involved!). What beautiful light though? I’m sure the shoot turned out to be stunning. Have a lovely weekend. /Niki

    • Ada says:

      Well said … join the fun, even with a shirt. I impressed myself that I had platform HEELS on eek! Its easier to play in the snow without heels. Have a great weekend as well.

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