Behind the scenes: cupid photo shoot

Well at least I was able to eat cupcakes after the shoot; though it was waaaaaaay after (there is a no-eating-props-rule thang!). Thanks Irene for capturing this ‘freezing’ moment, and turning it magical . . . .

Here are some last minute vday ideas (sweet candy w.o.r.d.s). It’s not too late for you to run (don’t trip) into the kitchen to grab some (1) toothpicks, (2) post-its, + (3) markers then write w.o.r.d.s on them (unless u r reading this after vday, and hey L.O.V.E. is ‘everyday’ so even then you still can create these. This is my kind of TEXT (yummy kind!):

Oooh, pssst come closer … closer … closer … ok, not THAT close - tomorrow we have another giveaway - the pink brooch that I wore for this photo shoot here. Pink is such a happy color. Like, bubble gum, it’s soothing (but no, you can’t chew the brooch, umm unless u really want to - weirdo. I mean ‘you special person you’).

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  1. antonio says:

    Love the behind the scenes look. The pictures look beautiful.

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