The boat house we rented (yes, boat!).

Hubby and I took a mini get-away trip to downtown Boston this month (about 3 hrs from NY). If you have been a long time subscriber to my blog ya’ll know that we love staying at rentals homes for a comfy/cozy feel (like we did here, here, and here), but when I perused the internet to see what was avail, my eye almost popped out – instead of staying at a rental apartment building we can stay at a house boat (awesome sauce!!!!!). The house boat was available by Sleep A Float (booked through Fipkey). Here I am below getting on our house boat (oh, did I mention it has a full kitchen .. like I can bake cookies if I wanted to!!!, but yeah that’s not going to happen, but still nice to know that it’s an option, right).


We stayed in downtown Boston by the Lewis Wharf. We arrived at the marina’s nearby parking lot and it had a sign that said NO SPACE AVAILABLE (what the what?), our hearts sank but we drove into the outdoor lot anywayz (fingers crossed), and spotted one spot left (hallelujah!!!).

At the parking lot we met SleepAfloat’s super nice site manager John who handed us the keys (to the private gate area into the marina’s docks and the boat keys). He then gave us the tour of where everything was on the boat (the towels, bedrooms, bathroom, etc.).

Boat is named Lily Pad (how adorbs). The boats next to use where rentals as well which was GREAT bec everyone had to abide by the 10pm quiet time policy – much appreciated when we would come “home” late. The house boat is about 30 feet long and is a 4 level boat with everything awesomely compacted (well planned SleepAfloat, well planned indeed), it has:

  • 1 master bedroom (all linens and pillows provided)
  • 1 guest room (teanie tiny area, but sleepable)
  • living room (w/ tv and stereo, futon bed) and sunroof)
  • full bathroom (w/ sink, shower, toilet, vanity mirrors)
  • a full kitchen (to get my baking on!!! not)
  • upstairs outdoor lounge (our suntanning spot /cigar lounge)
  • balcony with electric grill (and area where I fed the ducks from)

Now, when I say full kitchen I really mean FULL (minus dishwasher), it has a stove, oven, microwave, coffee pot (Keurig), plates, utensils, cups, etc).


Doesn’t hubby look like a captain. I quickly started using the kitchen bakingbrewing, ok ok I just added sugar into my coffee!


Some boats can be taken out for an additional charge, but we were cheapos … nah, seriously we just wanted a unique place to stay for 3 days as we did tooooooons of walking around the hood (Faneuil Hall/market, Haymarket, Fenway Park (went to see Boston Red Sox baseball game), etc.

All the windows were tinted except for the drivers seat (captains window) so no one could see in during the daytime as we walked around nude (just kidding, we aren’t nudist). At night though you can clearly see inside so that’s when all the dark blue drapes came in handy. One window didn’t have a shade so we added my beach towel (yep, we are classy that way!).


One of the best parts of having a house boat is that it has a roomy indoor shower (soap, shampoo, towels, privacy), so once I sunbathed I would slip into the shower.


I was a bit nervous about the bedroom bec hubby’s 6′ tall, but it was more comfortable than we thought it would be plus I got a kick out out being able to use the large waterfront view window from the bed as an entrance / exit to the balcony. The first night was a bit horrible since we FROZE. We had tons on blankets on (I even wore hubby’s hooded sweater) but it was still freezing. It wasn’t until the next day that we remembered (1) that there is a heater in the storage room and  (2) hubs spotted a heater on the ceiling. We also learned that night who would survive in a deserted island. Hubby woke up to 1/2 of a bed sheet on him, turning to me and seeing me cocooned with 3 blankets (which I apparently hogged in my sleep). Basically, we concluded that in a deserted island I would eat him first like a chicken drum (survival instincts) or I would hog all the leaves in the island to make myself a blanket.  So, we aren’t planning to visit any deserted island to be on the safe side or planning to sign up for Discovery Channels Naked & Afraid crazy ventures.


To the left of when you enter the boat is the guest room. Though it’s not exactly a “room” but a space … a small small did I mention small area where you get to lie down but can’t sit up straight without knocking yourself out unconscious. You can see the edge of the bed in this photo by the steps …. (see the bedspread/mattress?):

It does have a fan, side table-ish area and adorable aquatic pillows. I took a selfie so you can see how tall (or not so tall) the ceiling is to my head. I still give it a thumbs up for unique use of space.


The upper deck . . . .

It was easier climbing the ladder to reach the outdoor lounge area with shoes on, but I liked walking around in our “home” without shoes so needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway) … I’m thankful that the ladder wasn’t too high up. I spend most of the time up here sunbathing and Patrick smoking cigars = peacefully perfect. Isn’t he handsome ….

We were apparently too busy taking pictures of ourselves that we didn’t take pics of the Boston waterfront views or the lounge chairs area. The table on the deck was a makeshift …. it was the heater / conditioner box from indoors that protruded outside and a table-top was constructed to camouflage it – not too shabby. You can get a slight glimpse of it from the below photo where Patrick is sitting on the lower deck.

The lower deck …..

We also enjoyed lounging at the back of the boat; where we could grill some fresh fish (we could, but didn’t). Instead we smoked cigars and I fed ducks (too tired to grill, people). I also spent some time at night gazing (peeping) at the building across from us …. the sections with long balconies …  some with flowers, some with tables and chairs, some (one) with a huge kayak that I concluded must had been hauled up with a rope. I would had taken a photo but was too busy being a peeper. The BEST part of the lower deck was the FUN access we had entering/exiting it from the bedroom window. By fun, I mean a not-so-eloquent dive, drop, roll actions from the deck through the window to the bed to access the rest of the boat (and vice versa).

It was funny, it was fun. I could hang out with hubs when he was at the back deck while I laid in bed.


The morning views were serenely amazing with fresh air, cool breeze, great night sleep (once we got the heater). Sleeping in a boat you feel like you are in a hammock while the boat sang a lullabye. Oh, and the cost was just $179 a night – awesome sauce!!! – much more economical than the B&B and hotel places that we spotted around town.

Here’s the private gated entry:

Here’s a tomato plant from another rentals boat (i want one!):

Here’s my love patiently waiting as I tool a gazillion photos:

Here I am giggling:

And then there was some of the food we ate that turned us into zombies at night. So delicious! Have you visited Boston? I recommend Hanover street from pastry shops, seafood, and fun. Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour. Oh, and stay tuned. We went to an apartment made of ice (sort-of-ish), I’ll post the tour of that apt in a few days, but first I have some designs to tackle. Have a great day.

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  1. Antonio says:

    Looks like so much fun. I have to stay there

    • Ada says:

      it was fun, they also have about 4 other boats to choose from….and a floating HOUSE – a house structure on the dock not a boat. Cool beans!!

  2. mitzicuri says:

    Thanks for the tour of your amazing houseboat! It looks like such fun!

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