Oh blog how I missed u (sort-of)!

I haven’t blogged in so long that I (kid you not) totally forgot my blog password! Yikes, def a sign that …. it’s time to come back. So, stay tuned I have more DIYs … home projects …  stuff to rant about … etc. This time around, I want to make my blogging experience ‘different’, more of “I wanna share” feeling than a “oh crapola I forgot to post today” feeling. Know what I mean? When we want things to be absolutely seamlessly perfect. But, I realized that in aiming to make things perfect we forgot about the “fun”. How sometime we do need to run crazy like Phoebe (remember the Friends episode???) and not worry about what people may say or think and just go (run, jog, whistle, write, play, etc) with the dynamic flow of fun!

One thing I realize that I do often when I write is …. proofread, then re-read, then fix, then re-read AGAIN, then publish the post and then ….. (you guessed it) I proofread again (checking for typos, wanting the post to flow better, editing pic placement). Have u done that too? Besides, driving my eyeballs insane, it’s time wasted when I could be doing someone thing else. So, heads up … my posts may have 1 or 2 or 10 typos in the future; but all in the good science of having enough time for more fun. It may not be easy, but a challenge I am willing to venture into. Aaaaah, I almost looked back and made a sentence revision - eek. I MUUUUST RESIST. Ok, let me simply sign off before the temp is too much haha. Happy Friday!!!!!


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4 Responses to Oh blog how I missed u (sort-of)!

  1. Michele says:

    Welcome back!

  2. antonio says:

    Welcome back, we missed you. That Friends episode is one of my fav

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