5 Adorable pillow styles to choose from for your living room

Happy Tuesday! It’s still very chilly in New York (brrr), I am beyond READY for the warm weather. You too? Even though it may feel like winter outside, it doesn’t’ mean we can’t start decorating for spring season. Right? Right! So to get “things” started ….. I gathered a collection of #1 decorative item in a living room that can transform a room immediately! What are they? Decorative PILLOWS!!!!! (warning -> they can also start fun pillows fights). I love pillows that make a statement with … cuteness, attitude (yep, pillows can have a mega attitude – you’ll see soon below), food theme, and more.  So, below are 5 adorable pillow styles to choose from for your living room.


Caitlin pillows for the home Don’t these cluster of pillows make you want to dive into the sofa? Ooooh so heavenly looking. I love how they are ALL DIFFERENT patterns and every-single-one goes great together. These are all from Caitlin Wilson’s collection. The floral beauty gravitates us doesn’t it. OMG, wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a scratch and sniff floral pillows??? And the peonies and roses aroma came to life. Mosey on over to her site here to see more gorgeous pillow covers.

beast pillow Isn’t this the cutest “beast” ever? It has my “You dare talk to me without caffeine in my system” face. Debi van Zyle makes these beastly beauties in Los Angeles, CA. Check out her designs here, and if you want your very own beast and she doesnt’ have it listed, she may be able to do a custom order for you.
cute large beast pillow for the home sofa

bread pillow 1

Is this the cutest bread you have ever seen? Y’all can’t eat it, but with it’s fluffy and large size it makes a deliciously comfy arm rest, a foot rest, and even a back rest.  I spotted this no calorie bread  here.

bread shaped pillow for home

colorful indoor pillow cover

If I was to choose 1 pillow out of all these creative ones, it would be this geometric one bec I LOVE the colors, I LOVE the geometric pattern, and it would fit perfectly into my living room decor. As gorgeous as floral patterns are, I’m a geometric kind of gal. Plus, hubby may give me the evil eye for turning our living room into a botanical garden. Spotted over here at such a great price.


DIY cactus shape pillow for the home Now for those that aren’t afraid to use a sewing machine, the skys the limit – where you can choose the color, pattern, and whatever AWESOME SHAPE you want to make a pillow in. Such as … a cactus!  I love love love this catuc pillow created my Emily over here. She gives us step by step instructions on how to make your very own here, plus other cool stuff. I am currently not in speaking terms with my sewing machine or it’s cousins the “Needles”, but if your game to create this so-cute-cactus please let me and Emily know.

DIY cactus shape pillow for the home STEPS

Which style would you choose? You can mosey on over to see more adorableness (pillow stle kind) at my Pinterest board here – the cat with the crossed arms CRACKS me up every single time I see it. Hope you have a giggled fest day too!

Psst, do you want help sourcing fun pillows for your living room sofa?


1) send my office (info@adasdesigninc.com) a photo of your living room sofa

2) move far back from your sofa so I can see your surroundings / items so I can be sure to pick pillows that match your other decor)

3) and I’ll email you 3 options (yeah, for free) bec … I had my caramel macchiatto latte today, wink!

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Mega adorable Easter Egg Decorating | p.s. No boiling required!

Wow, this week zoomed by. Blink, presto, hello Friday. I haven’t decorated any Easter eggs yet so I will share some adorable ones I decorated in the past. Remember Mr & Mrs Eggtastic?

Normally we make hard boiled eggs in preparation to “decorate” them for Easter. But, this season, why not try the lazy ‘creative’ egg decorating WITHOUT boiling them. How? Gather your regular eggs and simply draw faces on them, and put them back in the fridge until you are ready to make …. scramble eggs, french toast, omelets, yum etc. How? Simply use colors markers. Make adorable faces like the Mr + Mrs couples that I made … a added red lipstick for the gals, and mustache and ties for the men. It’s guaranteed to make you (and your fam) smile when you open the box of eggs.


1. eggs
2. color markers


1. practice drawing cute faces on paper 1st
2. then (once confident that you like the look) draw them on the eggs

Drawing egg faces for Easter are really my GO-TO egg decorating style bec:

1. there’s no boiling involved (perfect fir ‘us’ lazies)

2. you can still use the eggs to cook (French toast anyone?)

3. these faces are guaranteed to make us smile (even if you r a grumpy morning person)

4. Its a fun ‘grown’ up version of egg decorating. But hey, kids can draw as well, and if one or a few break when trying to draw on them remember (1) hold them more gentle (duh!!) or (2) so what they break, get another. The point of Easter egg decorations is to HAVE FUN and bring a SMILE to our faces. Right? Can I get an AMEN to that.

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Painting ceiling stripes (YEP, even a ceiling isn’t a boring space around a decorator)

1_painting ceiling stripes easily_header

If you want to give one of your rooms a little re-vamp and don’t want to change or repaint your walls then simply look up; higher, HIGHER, all the way up. I am talking painting ceiling stripes my friends! Changing a light fixture is a very nice way to revamp a space, but also (and more economical) is grabbing some paint, ladder, (husband, like I did), brush, and tape to give a WOW factor. Like, wow … you painted WHAT? Yeah aha I did (pop collar with pride, especially if you didn’t fall off the ladder).

So here is the scoop. We have a narrow hallway (and I HATE NARROW hallways, they kinda creep me out), so besides adding a french door (make it look less “closed up”, and adding a POP of sunshine wall color with origami decal, I decided to paint horizontal stripes on the ceiling. Horizontal stripes on a narrow passageway gives a slight visual illusion of a wider space, plus I varied the thickness of the painted like  bec i wanna to give it more visual interest.  The coolest part is that YOU can do this too if you want. Here’s what you need:

1. paint (of course!)
2. brush
3. painting tape
4. ruler (to keep lines straight from one end to the other)
5. ladder (no, stacked boxes will not do)


For paint - I used Benjamin Moore’s Classics #549 (called honeydew)

For finish – I used HIGH GLOSS finish for a super shiny sexy look. Ok, maybe I am the only one that finds it sexy, but I love the shininess (bling bling). My photos suck does not really show the beauty of the shine. So picture it … shiny, wink!

4_painting ceiling stripes easily_490

2_painting ceiling stripes easily 3 STEP INSTRUCTIONS: 

1. tape stripes across the ceiling from edge to one wall to the other.

* with tape create the same stripe thickness or vary it
* use tape to mark which areas with will be painting (as if can be a lil confusing when you are up high on the ladder)

2 . paint away using a small brush

3. remove tape after 30 minutes and lay on floor to admire

4. elbow friends and family to look up in case they haven’t noticed your new ceiling yet

I confess taping a ceiling (awkward angle) isn’t the easiest thing to do if you have a huge ceiling, but hey you’ll get gorgeous biceps for spring and summer! Hubby joined in the fun, he did the painting when I finished taping the design (thanks hubby!!!).

Here’s a instructional visual guide (aka: more photos) . . . 

3_painting ceiling stripes easily
5_painting ceiling stripes easily 6_painting ceiling stripes easily_490

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Happy Weekend! Here are 4+ cool finds

chick Deviled eggs for easter - ingredients

Happy weekend and spring season. Y’all know what that means for us, right?! Above photo is a hint – that It’s that time again (our Easter tradition now) to make those ADORABLE deviled eggs chicks. Check out how they turned out here. The only bad part is that they are so hard to RESIST eating more than 5. Seriously, they are THAT good. Must resist. Must resist. Oh, the temptation. In the interim, I’ll keep myself busy sourcing cool finds for you. Check them out below: 

This AWESOME lego key holder.

I already ordered my tulle skirt. Can’t wait to sport it w/a t-shirt.

I can’t stop staring at this hidden pool video. And y’all know that I love the “unexpected” elements in designs.

I may (or may not) create more Easter egg faces this year. Maybe. Hmm. should I? They r so easy to make. I don’t even have to boil the eggs.

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I was featured in Designer Insights – see my 5 answers

It’s an honor to be among the pages of Terry Fabrics Designer Insights. I find that the best part of being interviewed is that I get to reminisce (especially in this zoom zoom fast paced), it’s nice to have questions like  .. what’s my creative process, what’s my aesthetic style, how do I get inspired, and my advice for people that would like to follow my footsteps in an interior decorating career. Huge thanks to Tudor and Helen! You can see the article here or below, including my current 5 top choices for this season: …….

Designer-Insights-Ada-Gonzalez (1)

TOP CHOICES (1) pens via / (2) chair via / (3) pillow via / (4) pedestal via / (5) vase via


1) In your own words describe your unique style and creative aesthetic?

I would define my style as simplistic elegance with heart, & sprinkled with fun. I love designing interior spaces and DIY crafts for editorials that evoke feelings of happiness to the resident (clients), readers, or viewers.

2) When starting a new project, what is your creative process? 

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Cutest surprise idea for Valentine’s day (DIY coffee stencils) | Free templates


I love heart conversation candies. I buy them every year since I can remember. I don’t eat them (ok, I may eat 2 or 30 haha), but I mainly get them to display messages for hubby throughout the day (um, at least those that survive my sugar craving). I place them in his bag, coat pocket, in v-day card, on nightstand when he gets up. What I love about them are the cute words. So, this Valentines I decided to merge conversation with coffee instead of hard candy. I love heart conversation candy. I love coffee. So, why not merge both with a DIY coffee stencil. It’s easy to make, fun to see, plus I’m sharing a template for you that you can print out in case you want to make it without drawing the designs yourself.

2-1_coffee stencil_coffee art_food ideas_conversation heart candy

1. paper
2. xacto knife
3. spices

Oh, yeah …. you also need coffee (or hot chocolate) with milk foam or whip cream. All the coffee designs in this post featured were deliciously made with whip cream.

XO-1_490-coffee stencil_coffee art XO-3_coffee stencil_coffee art_conversation heart candy

1_coffee stencil_coffee art_food drink ideas _whip cream design STEPS:
1. trace your cup onto paper
2. draw words, XOs, or shapes (heart)
3. draw a handle
4. cut out the words and / or shapes to make stencil
5. place stencil onto your cup’s whip cream or foam
6. sprinkle your treat (nugmeg, pumpkin spice, chocolate. etc.)
7. admire, surprise a loved one, and slurp together!

Or, if ya’ll not in the mood to draw (bec you have last minute roses to buy, or v-day gifts to wrap), then you can use the DIY coffee stencil templates that I made (the XO, KISS ME, LUV YOU, 4EVER plus more). See below.


FREE printable coffee stencil templates -> PRESS HERE, or below image.

DOWNLOAD coffee stencil templates for free

Below are some photos to give you a visual guide of how cute these diy coffee stencils can turn out. I hope you love them too:

3_490_coffee stencil_coffee art_food_ideasconversation heart candy 6_coffee stencil_coffee art_food ideas_conversation heart candy 5_coffee stencil_coffee art_food ideas Remember, ya’ll can sprinkle whatever you want on top of it … nutmeg, pumpkin spice, chocolate powder, color sugar. And hey, if you want to skip coffee and go straight to dessert, you can sprinkle your favorite conversation topping using the DIY coffee stencil onto vanilla ice cream or cupcake icing. Yummy. Lastly, you know it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s day to make these. Surprise a loved on over the weekend, before they go to work, or on a day ‘you’ consider special. Wishing you a very HAPPY Valentine’s Day and loving day every day (((XOXOXOX))). 4_coffee stencil_coffee art_food ideas

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3 steps to making a DIY strawberry flower (that you can eat!)

490 _1_DIY strawberry bouquet UNIQUE VALENTINES IDEA

Mosey on over to SheKnows to see the article I wrote for them with all the steps on how I created a floral bouquet using strawberries. Just 3 steps to making a DIY strawberry flower (that you can eat!). Below is a sneak peek at the (simple!!!) ingredients and scroll down if you want step by step instructions that you can print. Enjoy, I’m off to eat more “flowers” now, wink!

1. strawberries ($3.99 for a pack)
2. skewers ($0.99 for a pack)
3. knife

.. and it will end up looking like these rose strawberry petals:

4_header - DIY making a strawberry bouquet

strawberry flower

Scroll down for  printed instructions.

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Happy Weekend | 5+ easy to make Valentines Gift ideas

4_Ada Gonzalez_economical new york interior decorator_flip book_valentines day gift idea

Happy weekend! Is Valentine’s Day sneaking up on you as well? It’s next Saturday (already, yiiiikes), so I hit the internet for some gift inspiration and spotted a few creative (and economical, of course) gift ideas that I just had to share with you. So, below are links to more than 5 easy to make Valentines Gift ideas. And, remember this photo above? It was the one I used to create my flip book and gif (animation); if you want to send someone some … shall we say … ‘creative animated kisses‘, then see how I created a cute pocket-size flip book and animated photos here using the photo above. Hmm, maybe this year you will create your very flipbook (nice surprise to add in a Valentine’s Day card). Ok, ready for gift ideas? See my finds below:

1. We have to have flowers on v-day, right?! How about making edible ones like these!, looks so simple to make – a flower design from a strawberry. Yes, a STRAWBERRY. It’s super cute!

2. See how to write a heart-felt love letter here. My favorite part is #8 tip ->  “trace your hand on the back [of the letter] so that the other person can hold their hand up to yours.”

3. the cutest diy heart-hand greeting card that I have seen that anyone (from toddlers to gran mamas) can make. The best part, it’s customized to your hand. C.U.T.E.

4. If you have a blank wall in your home or office, grab red paper and make these.

5. – 26 Here’s a great list of ideas, my fave is #2, they all are pretty creative so I’m sharing the entire list spotted here?

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free 6 foot valentines heart and pom pom garland (see photo)

I have a treat for you today! An opportunity to win this adorable 6 foot valentines heart and pom pom garland made with love by Megan Karr from Coral Glass Studio. Isn’t it adorable? Sign up below to try to win it for your home or office or a loved one. And hey, this isn’t a wall decor that you toss aside when v-day is over, nope; instead, leave the heart garland up on your wall so it can continue to bring a smile to all that see it.

coralglass_heart banner_garland_Ada Gonzalez_hearts coralglass_heart garland_banner_Ada Gonzalez I met Megan when I purchased these for a client. I loved the quality and colors so much that, well long story short ….  we decided to team up to aim to bring some more smiles into your world. Happy “almost” valentine’s day! Entry details: simply sign in below, then for extra points you can tweet about the giveaway, visit Megan’s facebook site, or leave a comment … all extra points to increase your chances for winning. Last day to enter is this Sunday. Good luck!

valentines heart garland Megan Karr and Ada Gonzalez heart_garland_banner

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Michael + Nora’s rug e-consultation (see 1 photo, 1 drawing, fun etc)

Michael and Nora just moved into a new apartment, and even more exciting news is that they are expecting a baby (yaaay!). They emailed me asking for my interior design e-consultation services wanting help in choosing a rug / carpet for their soon to be chic nursery and an adjacent hallway area (which they alcove). Of course, I’m happy to help them have one less thing to worry about before the baby comes along. Here’s how the e-consult went . . .

Ada Gonzalez - e-consultation - internet consultation

Ada Gonzalez - e-consultation - internet consultation - placement layout - carpet tiles

Every e-consultation is different (which is the exciting part for us designers), and in this consult I created a carpet placement layout to give them a visual guide on how/where to place the carpets for a stylish look that still showed a lil bit of their gorgeous hardwood floors. I estimated the room space since I didn’t have the actual room dims, but the square size are accurate (19.7” x 19.7”).

Ok, here’s the scoop, the e-CONSULTATION:

I suggest that you use carpet tiles (from here) for:
* the hallway/alcove to create an area rug ‘look’, and
* the nursery to create a wall-to-wall carpet ‘look’.

Plus, the carpet tiles are much more economical than a wall to wall carpet purchase + installation.  The nursery rug design color that I suggest has a calm/serene look, yet the blue color variance (different shades of blue) gives a playful look; and the hallway rug design has a dash of unexpected unique design tiles.

the SPECIFICATIONS (the cool “where to buy”): 

For the nursery, Modern Mix in blue à http://www.flor.com/modern-mix-blue.html

For the hallway, Modern Mix in blue AND Heirloom in dusty blue for a dash of variance – http://www.flor.com/heirloom-dusty-blue.html

MEGA IMPORTANT to center the carpet tiles to the doorways for a professional placed design.

Ada Gonzalez - e-consultation - internet email interior design consultation
using flor carpet tiles for nursery _ada Gonzalez

their reply: 
We got the consult and we love it. I like the way the wall-to-wall capet in the nursery becomes circumscribed in the hallway alcove–kind of like milk spilling from the nursery into the alcove. And the little heirloom gray touches in the alcove carpet are great. 

Happy clients = happy designer; and they all lived happily ever after.

I have to leave the office now to cook a new recipe (and try not to burn the kitchen down), but I do hope you enjoyed this reveal. Oooh, I almost forgot, I have a valentine’s day giveaway coming up soon, so stay tuned!


Update, clients awesomely rolled up their sleeved and installed the carpet tiles themselves and already ordered the trundle bed I sourced for them (wohooooooo!). Here’s a peek:  edesign edecorating after photos update of nursery

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