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We have lots of creative ideas, freebies, and laughter for you today in preparation for Thanksgiving day. Including, free Thanksgiving place cards, adorable ideas for kids table that will make you want to slide your chair to their table, baking attempts that went horribly hysterically wrong, and place card holders that you can E-A-S-Y make. Gobble on below to see all the creative ideas.
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THE MOST delicious WINTER SOUP RECIPE – butternut squash soup

1 best butternut squash recipe using Nutri Ninja Auto IQ With my busy schedule I always get giddy when I find items for our home that make our lives just a tad EASIER. You too?  Today’s reveal is a brief behind the scenes making of the most DELICIOUS butternut squash soup recipe that I have ever tasted, courtesy of All Recipes, master chef hubby (for making the soup), Nutri Ninja’s kick ass Auto-IQ system.  If you are looking to try a NEW DISH for THANKSGIVING give this one a whirl. Check out below the recipe and photos that will leave you drooling for soup and your very own Ninja blender.

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words with food - easy breakfast

Happy weekend! What a busy week. You too? I’ve been so busy that hubby has taken over the cooking lately. So grateful for that, otherwise it would be pizza night every night! He made a butternut squash soup the other day that was sooooooo good. Seriously it’s like a 5 star restaurant quality good! I took pictures for you before I dived into the pool of deliciousness so stay tuned for that recipe. The meals (recipe) I create are more simple (see photo!) – egg and fruits (wink!). Hey, it’s still delicious and energy based. So before I step into any busy day I always factor time to have breakfast. I hope you do do. And hey, we need all the energy we can get to beautify our homes with inspirations from today’s links – which includes how to easily make a dry erase board, dollar store wall art, and much more. Oh, check out a photo of our little T-Rex the size of shoes (mega adorable!).

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Ada Gonzalez New York economical interior decorator - ceiling fan in guest room design

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the projects that we are working on – a guest room where we are decorating – everything. Yep, even the floor. Bye bye carpet, hellooo gorgeous hardwood floors.  For the same client (wonderful Odessa!) we also painted her bathroom ceiling a GORGEOUS snap-crackle-POP color. Click link below to see how gorgeous the ceiling looks, plus check out tips on how to remove stains from microfiber sofas, pumpkin cheesecake bars recipe, free Thanksgiving printable for table setting, and much more
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1-490_kitchen green grass  flor tiles - carpet tiles

This is a VERY common conversation that I have with a lot of my clients. Me: did you pick this rug (item) bec you love it? Client: No, i picked it because it matches with other items I already have. Sounds familiar? Hmmmmmm!!! No judgement, but I am eyeballing you (wink!). My client picked a runner for her small kitchen that matched her countertop nicely, but (1) she didn’t like the traditional look of the runner and (2) runner was too short so she ended up using another rug to extend the ‘runner look’. The solution = carpet tiles to the rescuuuuue! Check out the modern transformation and the (3) things I incorporated (p.s. she now LOVES her small kitchen area!).

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Ada Gonzalez - new york economical interior decorator Today’s behind-the-scenes is my paparazzi (my fabulous assistant Ginette) stalking me while I was at Jo-Ann’s sourcing fabric and white batting to make a valance for our client (p.s. stay tuned to see details of the ultra soft and feminine window valance that I created and the battle I had with my staple gun. FYI: I won the battle, and we are friends again. I will prep the pics and share then. Another prep to schedule is . . . THANKSGIVING! I have to prep my body to gorge on food and prep home/kitchen for family gathering. You too? Then, check out today’s Thanksgiving inspired links including the cutest turkey cupcakes that I have seen.

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steps - Walking Dead - cardboard faux wood grain plank

Happy Halloween! Today’s a last minute Halloween door decoration idea – how to board your door with faux wood cardboard to keep those ZOMBIES from getting into your home this (and future) Halloween. Check out (1) the two types of economical paints I used, (2) my secret tool for creating the wood grain, and (3) finally how our door looks today. In our home candy are for the kids and our spooky door decorations are for their parents to enjoy. I hope you enjoy it as well. See all the steps and how our door looks below.  Continue reading

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HOW TO EASILY MAKE A halloween MUMMY (4 1/2 feet TALL!)

halloween scarecrow - make a halloween mummy - large I’ve been wanting to create a Halloween mummy for a while now, but I wanted it to be tall (no wimpy mummy here!). So when I spotted a 4 1/2 foot autumn scarecrow in September, I immediately knew I had my “victim” to mummify muahahaha. See how you can turn an autumn scarecrow into a Halloween mummy in 7 steps. See how T-Rex (my accomplice) helped me mummify it below.

0_make a halloween mummy - large MATERIALS:
1. scarecrow (victim!), ours cost $5.99 from here
2. cheesecloth (like this one for $6)
3. canvas fabric stuffed or white fabric (old white t-shirt is fine too)
4. old stained clothes (for under the canvas fabric to give ti shape)
5. packing tape (helps CREATE and HOLD the body shape)
6. Upholstery foam (like this one for $4)
7. scissors

8. add a skeleton arm (more creepiness), ours cost $2.99 from here
9. sewing kit (to hold the skeleton arm in place)
10. triangular bandage wrap if you want the UNWRAPPING look like I created
1 make a halloween mummy - large 7 STEPS TO MAKE A HALLOWEEN MUMMY 

1. wrap OLD CLOTHES around the scarecrow to give it a wider + taller shape, THEN with CANVAS fabric (or white fabric – t-shirts will do also)

2. cut excess fabric

3. tape the canvas to HOLD the body shape form

4. cut strips of FOAM to create an L shape ARM(S) + LEGS

5. WRAP canvas fabric around the arms and legs (bind the legs)

6. TAPE arms to BODY

7. have fun WRAPPING entire body with cheesecloth (as you laugh sinister-ly muahahaha)  then display in:

  • outside your front door
  • your yard (remmeber the scarecrow comes with a stake so you can stake it into the ground)
  • inside your home for party or your family Halloween enjoyment

2 make a halloween mummy - large Optional: add 1 skeleton arm (I found this one at Michaels) and sew it on, so it looks like the mummy is starting to come alive.

3 make a halloween mummy - large

Additional Tip: if your cheesecloth is too “new” (too white and doesn’t have a yellow-old-dingy cool hue then dip it in TEA FOR 30 MINUTES to stain it and give it an old (mummified) look!

4 - how to dye cheesecloth with tea 5 make a halloween mummy - large 6 make a halloween mummy - large

diy 4 foot halloween mummy

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3_Ada gonzalez - DIY Halloween craft - candy witch fingers This photo is from when I partnered up with Additik, see post here. Where I created witch fingers from circus peanut candies (used for the fingers) and tootsie rolls (used for the nails). I also made poison apples, vampire fangs, and beetle juice (hint: juice made from Jello). Check out the post here then head on over below (link) to see this weekend’s fun Halloween links to keep you smiling including adorable monster eye cookies recipe.

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490 Ada Gonzalez Halloween ideas mummy candy holder_edited-1
I teamed up again with to create another fun design project – this time a Halloween style creation using sinister tools like markers and nail polish! Ok, ok so maybe the tools aren’t sinister at all. Check out the (7) materials and (7) steps I took to create a CUTE mummy CANDY HOLDER USING WATER JUG. Yep, using a water gallon jug. Inspired by the funny mummy in the animated movie – Hotel Transylvania with crooked teeth and green neon eyes. Lil Treat-a-Treaters are going to love putting their hands into the mummy’s mouth to pick candy. Or hey, you can create it to decorate your console table this Halloween week.

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