2 easy ways to decorate a tall wall economically without nails

2 ways to decorate a tall wall Snowstorm has made it’s way to New York, it’s so pretty but we are taking pre-cautions by stocking up on food, flashlights, ice-cream – you know, the essentials  juuuust in case. I’m still fighting a cold but I’ll attempt to finish this post before the cold medicine knocks me out (zzzz). Hope you are home safe and warm. Today I will show you 2 super easy and economical ways to decorate a tall wall without nails or photo frames or acrobatic equipment. To illustrate, I’ll use a photo I took of one of my clients rooms, their kid’s bedroom, to give them (and you) 2 fun ideas on how (and why) to decorate it. Economically, but of course!  Btw, did you spot my Starbucks coffee in the photo? haha.

How to decorate it economically? Aim to paint or tape a design. Yep, that simple. Simplicity makes a HUGE impact. Don’t believe me, then check it out for yourself below. For the kid’s bedroom I though it would be fun to create a house design on the wall so below I illustrate two ways.

The 2 ways to decorate your TALL walls: 
(1) with paint
with tape

(1) With PAINT, here’s a peek at how it would look:

paint a wall design Painting is magic! It makes a wall FUN in an instinct. You can paint a house design on the wall and even paint a window (as I did above) and maybe even add a real flower box to the window area to make it more dimensional.

Why bother decorating tall walls? When you have doors within a mega tall wall, it’s important to add SOMETHING that provides visual height (aka: distraction) from the tall walls or else, your room may look like a tiny dollhouse in a giants’ playland. Basically, it looks w-e-i-r-d.

before and after Then there’s washi tape (washi tape is very gentle to walls). You can tape a house design outline and even add a tree design like this one below from BoligLiv.

Tape tree

(2) With washi TAPE, here’s a peek at how it would look. The outline gives it a cute cartoon-like look to it. You can also create a tree with washi tape, add hooks to the tree and turn it into a tree rack to hold hats.

tape a design - washi tape

Psst, if you are feeling really creative you can also combine washi tape and paint … maybe paint some smoke coming out of the washi taped chimney. It’s unique. It’s fun. Its economical. All sounds like a soup of awesomeness, right?!  That reminds me … I need another dose of chicken noodle soup for my cold. Have a beautiful inspired week!

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Happy almost weekend | playing with paint roundup

HAND_picbeauty_Jan 14 2015 PM 9 34

Oh what a week this has been, so much fun playing with paint one day for an editorial shoot, then DIY’ing  fluffy clouds for clients (can’t wait to show you how ADORABLE it turned out), then up on an 8 foot ladder hanging these cute banners, then …. I get smacked in the face when a C.O.L.D. comes frolicking into my office. URGH! I hardly EVER get sick, so when I do I see it as a sign that I need to sloooow down and take care of myself. So this weekend it’s time to cozy up by my fireplace with ice cream and snuggles from hubs. He’s wonderful in taking care of me when I turn into a sighing ball of jello with Continue reading

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Yikes! When your internet fabric item doesn’t match

Picture this, you just received the window curtains you ordered from the internet for your living room (yaaay!), but when you open the package you realize that the color isn’t what you expected (What The What?!). The colors doesn’t’ go well with the pretty decorative pillows that you have on your sofa. What to do when your internet fabric item doesn’t match? You paint it!
Ada Gonzalez - new york economical interior decorator banner design Paint it to match or at least complement each other. It’s not a task for the faint at heart, as it can be intimidating painting a new item like curtains,  pillow, upholstered chair, upholstered bench, or in my case – my client’s playhouse. But it is also an AMAZING way to customize an item to MAKE IT FIT perfectly within your home. I designed a play area for my wonderful clients son, they already had an adorable garage playhouse, so my task was to create a design around it …  I added blue banners purchased from the internet, decals (cool tires and gasoline pump), etc fun etc. HOWEVER (1) the adorable blue banners didn’t match any of the blues on the playhouse AND (2) there was already a lot of different blues so I didn’t want to add ANOTHER blue to the garage party. What to do? With their approval, I grabbed fabric paint that matched the blue banners and “climbed” on the roof to paint parts of it (alternating stripes).

Ada Gonzalez - painting fabric

Installation isn’t complete yet, as you can clearly see from below photo. Continue reading

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How to choose colors for abstract paintings (see client’s sofa)

Choosing artwork color is easier than you may think (hallelujah!). With today’s tips you can kick some ‘intimidation” tush and take the leap to bring art into your home. You’ll see what to look for when choosing color for abstract painting. I’ll share my client Barbara’s email to me and her living room photo showing her sofa, along with her dilemma, and my advice. Psst, spoiler alert -> I show 2 gorgeous abstract painting options.

BARBARA’S DILEMMA: I would like to buy a bold modern abstract for behind the sofa the living room.  I love this but know the color is wrong.  I contacted the artist and she said she is open to doing something similar in another palate which is great but I’m stumped.  I would like it to be cheerful and vibrantI’ve attached photos of the room.

MY REPLY: For the abstract painting, I suggest you use colors you currently have and loooove; such as colors from the pillows -> blues / grays / purple, along with introduction of new vibrant colors. Below are two options of color combos (with suggested tweaking) that you can use as a guide. I hope you love it:

OPTION (1) From artist Sandra Luks of Croatia:

art suggestion - sarabaraa

It has the gorgeous color hues of your current pillows, but I  would also incorporate MORE pink / purple colors in the painting for more vibrancy since you are looking for cheerful hues. Mosey on over here for a better view.

(OPTION 2) From artist Jen Ramos of New York: Continue reading

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Pretty hanging wall decor that you can easily make

I am so happy that I finally managed to squeeze in this post this week. I’ve been wanting to share the DIY HANGING WALL DECOR with you for a while now. I actually collected the leaves in autumn, and it’s winter already (eek!)… yep it’s been a while. But I finally made it. Ok, here’s the scoop, if you want a super economical, easy to make, colorful (customized to colors you love) hanging decor to give your wall a unique look try making these paint dipped look hanging leaves wall decor.

0_Ada Gonzalez_New York interior Decorator_ hanging leaf wall decor_paint dipped _brush 2_Ada Gonzalez_New York interior Decorator_ hanging leaf wall decor_paint dipped _brush 490

It looks like it’s paint dipped, but it’s not – I totally cheated, I have no time to get deep dishes –> fill with paint –> then dip. Instead, paint brushes did the job perfectly! See more pics/ supplies / instructions below.  Continue reading

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2 quick fixes for Jenny’s bedroom (CPR needed!)

Hi there! Hope your day is going smooth. To hopefully enhance this “smooth” day I want to remind you of what I probably say a gazillion times – you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a room “feel beautifully different”. Take Jenny’s bedroom below … a bit bland, it was clearing missing her personality so I was hired to give it some CPR.

pink_Before photo - Ada gonzalez - quick bedroom decoration fixes ada gonzalez - mounting artwork up high

So with just 2 decorative fixes we resuscitated her bedroom from boringzzzzz to blissful. Below is the what (we added) and why (we added it).

2 quick fixes: 

1. added ART to give VISUAL HEIGHT 

* she didn’t want the TV mounted onto the wall, and with the dark color dresser the space simple looked heavy and bland. So we added a POP of colorful yellow artprint (purchased here) to bring some visual height to this wall. With Jenny’s busy work load I found the “KEEP CALM and CARRY ON” would perfectly fit her personality. And maaaybe even serve as a morning pep talk, like ….  “yeah, I got this” before she started her day

* the adjacent (window) wall only had a roller shade, so we added dark framed mirrors to the edge of the window frame to (2) bring visual interest and the dark wood frame matched the dark wood dresser (for a cohesive balance). Btw, the pretty mirrored frames were only ONLY $1.99 each! Yep, isn’t it amazing what visual impact economical items can create?!!

2. added decorative pillows (a ooh so pretty embroidered floral pillows) to soften the dark leather headboard. 

Simplicity (with purpose) goes a looooooong way.  Now, doesn’t this bedroom look a bit more blissfully peaceful and put together to tackle any crazy busy day? . . .

mirror frames on window  -  Ada Gonzalez - new york interior stylist pillow and frames - Ada Gonzalez - new york interior stylist Keep calm and carrow on - yellow print -  Ada Gonzalez - new york interior stylist
blue texture pillow - Ada Gonzalez - new york interior stylist decorator


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4 Eye Catching Watercolor Murals

The first time I saw a watercolor mural my jaw dropped. Its beauty, its exquisiteness, its soothing colors, its size, it impact,  its _____. Well, I’ll let you fill in the blank! Below are 4 eye catching entrancing watercolor wall murals and links to where you may be able to buy them or one similar. They are surprisingly more economical than you probably think they are. At first glance, I thought someone actually PAINTED the mural on the wall, but nope, we can actually buy these beauties and install them ourselves. Watercolor murals absolutely makes a WOW impact in any room. Enjoy!


Via here

watercolor mural

via here

watercolor murals -

Via here 


via here 


last minute Reindeer Wreath (4 easy steps)

Rudolph the red nose reindeer wreath - diy craft - Christmas ideas Happy holidays my friends! This year I purchased a reindeer costume for my car, but then chickened out inserting the antlers onto the windows bec I have a convertible and think that it may harm the mechanism. And, just adding a nose will make the car look more like a clown than a reindeer right?!  So, what’s a gal to do? …. create a red nose reindeer wreath for our front door!

Here’s the simple 4 step / 4 main items that you need:
1. insert antlers
2. add nose
3. attach eyes
4. hang wreath

Plus I used tape and hook to hang the wreath. The nose already came with a hanging wire, but the googly eyes (from Michaels) didn’t have an attachment, so I straightened a paper clip and taped it to the back then inserted it into the wreath. The reindeer costume I purchased at the Christmas Tree Shop, but you can get it at amazon as well. Reindeer costume $9.99 + googly eyes $0.99 + $5.00 wreath from Home Depot = a very economical and unique wall decor.

reindeer_steps rudolph-close

Isn’t Rudy handsome? Yeah, “rudy”  is our nickname for him instead of the looong Rudolph the red nose reindeer … bec that just makes me sing around here the song, and I am not a good singer, wink!

I’m heading to the kitchen soon to make some crafty appetizers …. I’m going to attempt to make Santa hats with strawberries. I’ll post some pics of it  here.

From my home to yours,
from my heart to yours,
I wish you a very merry Christmas and holiday season.

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3 Awesome DIY Christmas Gifts

There is nothing more personal than a gift you create yourself (am I right or am I right?), so this holiday season (or maybe bookmark it for a birthday gift) why not try creating awesome DIY Christmas gifts. Now you know that I don’t like being attacked by my glue gun and my sewing machine is still giving me the evil eye since the last time I used it here so I found 3 awesome diy projects that you can create for Christmas without spending LOTS OF MONEY on materials, plus u get the unique personal/unique factor.

Idea #1 - the heart patch on sweater. The best part is that we do not have to make a sweater (phew), but we can simply add some ‘love’ to sweaters by adding heart patches. I definitely plan to sport more hearts (or maybe even other fun shapes) on my sleeves in 2015.

heart patch copy

 via here!

Idea #2 – photo coasters. Below is an adorable one with easy to follow instructions and simple materials. I think I would make it using a rectangular tile (instead of square) … for extra space to place spoon, cookies, or hor derves. Plus, most of our photos are already rectangular (ie: 4×6 photos) so we get to show more / crop less of the photo. Ok, it’s on my to do list (um, “too”). Yes, I have a long list.

tile DIY coasters

 Via here

Idea #3 – crochet bookmark. I want this soooo bad, in girly pink. But to be clear, I don’t want to make it, but I do want one. So until I master some bribing skills on friends or family, I am ecstatic that there is an instructional pattern that can be followed for when … you know … I get to bribe someone …. I’ll dish out “this is how you can make it up to me?” .. then hand out the pattern. Shop owner Johanna White also custom makes these beauties. Perfect stocking stuffer for xmas.

crochet pattern  Via here

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Gobble Gobble Gobble Translation

Gobble gobble gobble … translation … thanks for being in my life!

Ada Gonzalez - holidays - thanksgiving I just want to take a quick moment (before the kitchen burns down) to say how much I appreciate you (my readers) who are …. my family, friends, peers, clients, e-newsletter subscribers. You are very special to me, and I am thankful to have you in my life.  In case you didn’t know, I’ll tell you …. you are my inspiration. This Thanksgiving Day as I strap my cooking apron on (I wear it only twice a year, so it is monumental to me, wink) I lovingly think of you for energizing me to continue to create and share. Wishing you a day full of laughter and love. Again, gobble gobble gobble!