How to paint a ‘reminder’ door (its front, edge, back)

For the days that zip by so quickly with tons to do and tons of constant thinking, it’s nice to see visual reminders … little clues to help us stop in our tracks and think of the positives (not of the person who didn’t hold the door for you as you carried 500 packages, 4 hours ago. Yeah, we can keep gripes in our mind for a while huh). Ever noticed how we can have tons of photos in our home, but not look at them often? This is why I love having words displayed in the home, words gently nudge us to stop to read (a natural reaction). Today’s post shows how I used a door to give us a reminder message including painting the word “is” on the edge of the door.

I chose the sentence - Bliss is Love, picking words that could be read from both sides of the door.

When you enter, it reads: Love is Bliss
When you exit, it reads: Bliss is Love

1. pencil
2. paint
3. brush

I used left over paint from painting this yellow wall here, so my cost was $0 buckaroos to do this project. Do you have any extra paint snoozing in your home? Wake it up and try this project.

1. draw the words with “is” in the edge of the door
2. paint in the outlined words
3. send me a photo if you do this project, wink! I may share it on my social media platforms (have your creation inspire others!)

The door I choose to paint “Love is Bliss” is our bathroom door so we (and guests) can see the message every day we open/close the door. I love the idea of painting kids bedroom door with their name on the outside, word is on the edge, then an inspirational word on the inside of the door.

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The cutest DIY doormat to welcome your guests

Check out how I (and you can too!) turned over my old doormat and made it adorably new by simply painting it. I created it for SheKnows, so mosey on over to their site to get all the EASY steps (only 5 steps!), view more photos, and see how you too can save money by simply painting your doormat (go here). Oh, here are some more funny additional words / statements that you may want to paint on your welcoming DIY doormat:

- nice underwear
– please remove your shoes
– go away
– ouch!
– wipe it

Full article and more photos here.


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See Cute Origami Bird Transform on My Wall

I installed an origami crane decal about 2 years ago (see pics here) and even though i still LOVE the design (showing the different paper fold stages to make the origami crane bird), and placement, I got tired of the color. I wanted a more classic color – black! Esp since door leads to my bathroom (see it’s color here). So I grabbed black paint and small brush to simply paint over the outline. Simple, right? Nooooo, it was NOT! I was exhausted trying to finish just ONE. What was I thinking! I may had drank decaf coffee that day and wasn’t creatively alert.

So, options:
PLAN A – save money + paint over the decal (my hand may fall off) 
PLAN B – save time and replace the decal with the color I want

I went with PLAN B (since I didn’t want to spend 504 hours attempting to paint “straight” lines). The decal was very, very, very easy (and quick) to remove, and left no damage to the wall. It was faster removing all the decals then painting over just one decal (I still quiver at my attempt! EEK!).

So, I grabbed a cup of caffeinated coffee, stopped being a cheapo, and simply purchased the origami decal in the color I loved. The cost is about $36! I bought it here.

They have a variety of colors, but I went with classic black. The origami crane decal arrived in 1 sheet (roll), so I simply cut each design (of the origami paper fold) and placed them on the wall for position approval.

Then peeled the white backing, stuck the decal and smoothed out with a plastic tool (photo on left/below), then peeled the clear front liner (photo on right/below). Then, done! No messy paint involved.

Funny how my yellow wall color looks different in photos throughout the day depending on how much natural + artificial light it has.

One day I will conceal those ugly cable cords. One day, wink! Yes, our ceiling is painted green and has stripes (details another day). Oh, and I learned to make the origami crane birds from this 8:45 minute video here. My tip to making the origami easier is to make sure your folds are sharp. No marshmallow (wimpy) folds, but strong sharp folds. I used a quarter to sharpen my folds. I also wanted the bird to be colorful and medium size so I used the Staples packaging for my birdie (it was the first thing I spotted). Gift wrapping paper would be perfect for cool huge origami birds. Maybe even make an origami as as a gift tag. If you make one send me a photo at Have fun!



Ada’s home office tour | office sweet office

Welcome to my office tour! My office sweet office. I hope you enjoy the tour. I also added answers for questions that I get asked often. When designing my office I knew I wanted to be surrounded by vibrant energetic colors that illuminated happiness and that had a fun twist of sophistication (queue in the wallpaper, cow hide area rug, long shiny curtains, and more!). I’m not the type of gal that wears pink outfits, but I do LOVE walking into a bright office .. guess it’s my caffeine! The colors simply makes me ‘feel happy’. And isn’t that what we all want? … days full of laughter, fun, and happiness with minimized stress! I sure do! And oooh boy, it sure can get stressful running your own biz.




1. Work attire. No, I don’t work in my PJs. However, if I have a deadline and my schedule is tight to/from the gym then I work in my gym clothes until I finish the deadline, then swan dive into the shower.

2. Snooze button. I wake up at 6:30am; hardly ever hitting the snooze button, but zombie’ing into the kitchen for caffeine.

3. Morning routine. For the days that I don’t go to the gym, I get caffeinated, jump in the shower, make/have breakfast, clear dishwasher, meditate for 5 minutes, then take a walk around my neighborhood (10 minute walk) before I even enter my office … so it not only feels like I am walking to my office every morning, but I get to mentally prepare myself for the day.

4.  Lunch. I love to say that I have a kitchen in my office (haha, since my office is in my home), but I actually don’t often take a lunch break, at least not one that lasts more than 10 minutes. <- trying to change that! 

5. Any unexpected visits. I had an assistant that came in super early one time and I had just walked out of the shower … so I opened the door with hair wet and in my robe. She was fine with it, I felt weird (naked!) about it but didn’t want to leave her waiting outside. From then on I stressed to all my assistants to arrive “on” time. This is ALSO the reason why I don’t advertise my home address, to avoid clients showing up when I am wearing a kiwi mud mask.

6. Tables. We have 3 tables, all serve different purposes. The round table is where we create mood boards and layout our cutting mat. We have 5 chairs; 2 with wheels casters on the chairs was a MUST when I designed the office. It’s a fun factor pushing from 1 side of the room to the other. Also have a credenza holding the printer and my lemon tree that doesn’t blossom any lemons.

7. Wallpaper. Purchased from here. To find the design I have, look under Radiant Orange tab, then Modern (##WC1280100).

8. Paint swatches. I have my wall paint color swatches visibly mounted to a wall so they can be ACCESSIBLE. We have a small step stool to reach the top ones. accessible! I mainly use (refer) Benjamin Moore paint. I used 2″ ring binders to hold the swatches (similar one here).

9. The pink grandfather clock. It’s not painted, it’s a wall decal from here with a $3.99 clock from Ikea placed in the center.

10. Ladder. Purchased from Ikea, but spray painted to get the gray pearlescent color. Our tall bookshelf system called for a ladder (who needs yoga when you have a ladder at work, right?! Ok, I still love yoga!). It’s also a design trick to give a wall (area) a 3D look.

11. My most precious item office. It’s the “I love you rock” under the work table? See why here.

12. Pets? Yes, we have fish and a snail (named Gary after Spongebob’s pet). I like calling them our office Mascots bec they cheer us on throughout the day, wink!

13. Organized or messy office. With some design / craft projects we have materials everywhere (on floor, tables, ladder. etc), but we aim to wrap it up (put everything back if not by the end of the day then by the next morning). As for my actual desk, I usually do have papers scattered (furniture photos, project reviews, client budget lists, etc) throughout the day, however (and this is something I have done for yeaaaaars), by the end of the work day, I pile all my papers together so the next day I don’t walk into a messy desk. Otherwise, it would drive me bananas!

14. French doors. Entrance to my office had to be glam’d with French doors, it originally had 1 solid door. See how hubby and I installed + saved money here.

Thank you for visiting my office! Oh, and say hello or ask a question in the comment below. What do you think of my office?

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Watermelon on a Stick in 3 Minutes

Because I believe summer should be filled with lazy relaxing days, I love ideas (especially those food related) that are easy to do, so we can have more time for important stuff, like – well – lazy (chillaxing) time! I normally cut a watermelon in slices then place them in a bowl (for a grab all fest), but lately I have been making them portable; a grab-and-go out the door kind of treat with no napkin needed. Oh, and it takes just 3 MINUTES TO DO!

1. watermelon (duh!)
2. knife
3. coffee stirrer or wood popsicle-like sticks
(crafts store sell them for about $3.00 for a pack of 50)

3 minutes people!


1. cut @ 3/4″ slices of the watermelon (not including the rind/shell) … bec the rind is harder to cut (and I’m lazy!)

2. insert the wood sticks into the watermelon

3. show off your Watermelon on a Stick and enjoy

So easy to do. Seriously, it took me waaaay longer to write this post than to create watermelon on the go. You can too!



DIY window valance (naked no more)!

Tired of seeing my bathroom window frame naked (what an exhibitionist!), showing it’s stuff all nilly willy … frame not fitting, etc. (see closer photo here), I ventured into creating (DIY’ing) a valance. The result? I love it! (hubs loves it too!). I hope you do too, and if you are in the mood to save some moolah and “dress your window” maybe you will even create your own. Here’s my recipe.

I purchased the fabrics, a chevron design + canvas (see why I mixed both here), and cut it with a 4″ overhang over the 33″ x 9.5″ wood.

I found a cleat / hardware (hallelujah!!!) that helps me simply slide the valance into place (the wall). It was the PERFECT solution (hardware), bec I intend to change the valance seasonally and with this amazing design I can simply slide out and in replacement valances (wohoooo!). Next, I needed the muscle. In comes hubby . . .

. . . to help drill the hardware into the concrete wall. As I created (DIY’ng rocks!!!) the valance. 7 Steps: 

1. get wood cut to size, like I did here. I measured the window width and added a 1″ overhang on each side.

2. wrap batting around wood, staple, and cut excess batting 

Batting is added to soften the sharp corners of the wood for when we add the fabric.

3. wrap fabric(s), staple, cut excess fabric I folded the corner fabrics in a triangular style. At least 3 out of the 4 corner, the last was hard to fold so I just stapled it like crazy. Don’t worry about how the corner folds look as they will not be seem. “But first, let me take a selfie. Song still cracks me up!

4. spray a water shield if your fabric is not an outdoor fabric.

5. drill 1 side of the cleat hardware to the wall 

6. screw other side of the cleat hardware into the back of the valance (wood)

7. grab a ladder and slide that kick-ass DIY valance into the wall (cleat). 

Recipe/ Steps Recap:
1. get wood cut to size
2. wrap batting around wood, staple, and cut excess batting 
3. wrap fabric(s), staple, cut excess fabric
4. spray a watershield
5. drill 1 side of the cleat hardware to the wall 
6. screw other side of the cleat hardware into the valance’s back
7. grab a ladder and slide cleated valance into the cleated wall

Cost recap:
1. Wood $8.52
2. ½ yard Fabric (chevron) $2.99 (on sale!)
3. ½ yard Fabric (canvas) $4.5
4. ½ Batting $5 (cost was $9.99, but I only used ½)
5. Cleat / hardware $14.29
6. water (mildew) shield $9.99
7. Installation $0.00 (free kisses to hubby)
Total cost $45.29



Time to hide that UGLY metal frame!

Ever had a home project idea that you wished to get started, then you blink and a year has passed by? Well my bathroom’s window “what-to-do” is one of those!  You see, we love our 2″ wood window blinds but the oh-so-ugly metal top frame is visible (see pic below)…

. . . and it doesn’t even fit into the window frame (no matter how non-gently we hammer and kick it). The time came for me to tackle the project …. aaaaah (visualize clouds parting).  I was determined to add a fabric valance economically!. Custom valances (where you pick their fabric) for a small window cost about $300+  (not including delivery + labor), and custom made valances (you choose whichever fabric your heart loves) cost about $650+. Yep, ouch!

My project mission: “NOT TO BUY A CUSTOM VALANCE and create (DIY) my own”.

Then I got greedy, I alsoooo wanted to be able to change it seasonally. Whaaaat? Yeah, I often have ideas where I have no clue how I am going to make it happen.  What I did know is that I needed to  ….

1. buy wood plank
2. buy fabric (seasonal ones)
3. buy batting or foam
4. dust off my staple gun
5. search hardware ideas to mount to wall
6. recruit hubby (since bathroom wall is cement – aka: pain in the arse to drill through)

So, caffeinated cup in one hand and internet searching with the other I designed my plan and got started. I mosey’d on over to Home Depot to pick out the wood, and chose one that already had the approx height that I wanted (I wanted 10″, they had 9.5″ .. works for me!). I had the saw machine worker cut the length I wanted 33″ long. And it cost ONLY $8.52 (wohoooooo!) for material + cut.

Then it was time to HUNT DOWN some fabric. I fell in love with this black + white chevron design  + THE PRICE ….

…. I only needed 1/2 a yard so the cost came to about $2.99 (can I get an amen to savings? ameeeen!).  However, it wasn’t an outdoor fabric, crap (which keep moisture from seeping through the fabric = mildew). Very important in a bathroom (moisture’s hang out spot). Yikes, what to do? I loooove the fabric, I-muuust-have-it. There is no panicking in decorating, like their is no crying in baseball (movie clip here). I have to brainstorm a solution. And I did. Hello Scotch Gard water shield, fancy meeting you at Jo-Anns.

I will show you more this week (promise) on all the steps I took for making my fashionably modern bathroom valance. In the meantime, here’s a quick peek at the turn out. Oooh, btw – you should wear shoes when climbing a ladder (not like I did below), for a steadier balance.


How to turn an old white t-shirt into a USA flag tanktop

Do you already know what to wear to this year’s 4th of July event? How about a cute USA flag tank top – made with no sewing, and upcycled from a t-shirt! Whether it’s celebrating in the backyard, at a beach, or at a park you can sport and get some “ooh and aaaahs” this holiday by creating your very own USA flag shirt. It’s a 2-part delight project because it is (1) very economical to make and (2) you get to declare “I made it with pride”. 

First thing to do is go shopping … in your home closets or dresser. I went to the men’s dept in my home – also known as – hubby’s dresser, to steal up-cycle one of his old white t-shirts (psst, this isn’t the first time I stole one of his t-shirts, see what I made here).

I wanted to create a casual tank top fit out of the large t-shirt so I also needed to recruit my scissors to help me with the design, as well as other items that I already had within my home (ie: pen, scissors, etc.).

List of Ingredients:
1. old white t-shirt (preferably one that has stains to avoid guilt for stealing)
2. fabric paint red and blue (approx $2.50 each)
3. pen (for the brave ones) or pencil
4. scissors (to snip, trim, create)
5. painters tape (for flag lines + to hold stars)
6. paper / manila folder(for making stars)
7. sponge / brush (for applying paint)
8. baking sheets (something to protect surfaces from paint)

Step 1: outline (create) the tank top design with a pen(cil). I wanted a low round neck line with wide arm area. I didn’t have a choice on the wide arm since I was converting a LARGE t-shirt (already with wide arms) into a medium size tank top, but I embraced the look finding it to be a perfect loose-design-tank-top style. Psst, wide arms are perfect for showing off a lil bit of your bathing suit.

Step 2: cut the neckline and arms.  This could be an intimidating (“crap, I cut too much) step. Tip: simply cut an inch before your drawn line to see how the tank top fits first.

Step 3: add tape to make the flag stripes. I used 1.5″ thick painters tape. Fun tip: USA flag has a total of 13 combined (red + white) stripes representing the 13 colonies that declared independence from the British and became the first states of the Union | You can be precise and space the tape wider to create 13 lines/stripes. I didn’t. I prefer the thin lines look.  Plus, I still had to paint and create stars! Also, make sure you protect the shirt and working area from the paint … with baking sheets, aluminum foil, cardboard, stack of paper etc.

Step 4: sponge red paint onto the white lines of the shirt. Tip: I added water to the red fabric paint to speed up the process and gave it a casual blurred look to the lines. Warning: unless you use tight gloves, you will end up with red manicured nails and hands.

Extra tip: Use nail polish remover to get the paint off your nails/hands.

Step 5: draw a star template while you let the red paint (stripes) dry.  My star was 2″ long from tip to tip. Tip: The larger the stars, the more visible they are and the less painting to do. I used manila folder (thick stock paper for sturdiness).

Step 6: prep the stars area. Remove the tape from the red stripes, position the stars,  then tape around it to create a border. Tip: add tape underneath the stars to help keep it in place.

Step 7. dab blue paint onto the shirt. A little dab here, a lil dab there, ok … bad that blue paint every where!!!

Step 8. Get some coffee / let paint dry and smile at your creation.

Step 9. Show off your patriotic creation. I tucked my “brand new” shirt into my pants to give it more of a fitted look.

Apart from turning shirts patriotic, the technique can also be used to american-ize seat cushions, table clothes, blankets, etc fabric etc. Are you already scheming which t-shirt to steal (even from your very own closet) to get your patriotism on? I would LOVE to see photos if you make your own 4th of July tank top (for yourself or as a gift), email me your photos at, even if they turn out not as you planned it so I can join you in laughter (funny fails) and personally give you extra tips. Remember, it is a casual shirt design, so there is no need to be perfect; just indulged in the happiness of being able to create something in this country your way (then show it off, wink!). Happy 4th of July to all my American friends!


Hello ‘deer’ Sammy, wink!

Look who became a member of our decorative family .. introducing cutie-pie wall mounted wood deer head. Let’s call her Sammy (bec I am weird like that). I had to do a bit of installation —- (1) assemble, (2) paint (she came unfinished/unpainted), (3) mount to wall.

I can’t find the company I purchased it from, but if you are as smitten as I am with adorable FAKE (of course) deer heads smiling at you while reminding you of nature AND ya wanna skip the assembly portion, then check out this deer head version at ZG for only $49.95.

Doesn’t she has an adorable smile?!!! I love how much she helps around our home too …. holding hats, scarves, necklaces, or simply bringing me a smile when I see her. So if you get one, don’t be afraid to feed her stuff (hat, keys, dog leash etc). Pssst, I am considering painting her antlers GOLD (well, no not the REAL gold; but the fake painted color version). What do you think. Should I paint Sammy?

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Behind the scenes – Oh ‘Deer’ me!

Below is a peek of tomorrow’s post. Ok, want more of a hint? How about this: ….. yellow wall, deer,  and I am all smiles. Stay tuned!

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