Creating GOLDEN EGGS for Easter

This year I knew I wanted to create golden eggs for Easter, but I took it up a notch by making them hallow (see the blowing egg technique here) and inserting a lovely message inside each egg. Instead of buying latex paint at my local craft store, I used a gold color Liquid Leaf to give it the AMAZING golden color (bling bling!). I painted some eggs completed in “gold” and some with polka dot / abstract/ and swivel lines, then dipped them in color dye. When the eggs are cracked open (to retrieve the message), you get to see a cool color inside the egg. I totally LOVED creating these. I hope you do too . . . .

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How to Make Easter Eggs LAST all Spring!

Who says brightening your home with adorable colorful [+ creative] eggs has to end on Easter? Not meeee! We can create beautiful egg centerpieces that lasts all season long (without stinking up your home … no hard boiling eggs here!). In today’s post i will show you how to use the Blow Out Technique to hallow out raw eggs so you can show off your Easter egg designs this year as a centerpiece in your home. Ingredients: raw eggs |needle/nail | straw |bowl to catch the insides of the eggs|and sink (water!!!!) to rinse the soon-to-be-ready-for-decorating eggs.

4 simple steps: 

1. crack a small hole at one end of the raw egg by using a needle or nail, tap tap tap gently on the end to make the hole

2. crack a hole at the other end of the egg by using a screwdriver or similar tool (this will give you a medium size round hole), you want the screwdriver to go all the way inside the eggshell to loosen it up.

3. place a straw over the SMALL hole and “blow” through the straw to get all the insides out (you can also skip the straw and just place your mouth on the egg / make sure it’s rinsed. I prefer the straw, wink!)

4. wash the inside of the egg and have fun decorating the shell. The eggshell is not as delicate as you may think it is so don’t be afraid to decorate it, worse case scenario … it breaks! So what, just laugh it off. (I applied modge podge glue to see if it made the shell stronger, but found minimal difference.


Giveaway: Golden egg message in a box

It’s that time again!!!  Freebie time. One lucky winner get’s a golden egg this Easter. Winner get’s to choose if they want the egg mailed to them or a loved one as a gift, and they get to choose their very own personal message -or- one of the below messages inside the egg:

a) I luv your smile!
b) Every moment is precious
c) Breakfast will be served in bed
d) You are my sunshine.

Enter for your chance to win giveaway below (good luck!!!) . . .

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Video: 8 quick steps for deliciously adorable deviled eggs

Today’s video (less than 1 minute) features the 8 quick steps I took to make this deliciously adorable hatched chicks deviled eggs. Ingredients: mayo, dijon mustard, carrots, cayenne peppers, salt, black peppers. I cut the carrots in thin slices to make the chick’s beak, and used black peppers for the eyes. Enjoy ….

Tablet / phone video version: 

Desktop video version:


4 steps to decorating with eggshells

Decorate your window sill this season with simplicity – using planters made of eggshells. It’s super easy (and of course …. economical!).

4 Steps:
1. crack eggs open a lil taller than 1/2 way (use scissors to trim)
2. remove egg content (set aside for scramble eggs, omelets, etc.)
3. add soil into the eggshells (I used a spoon)
4. add plant / flower (real or artificial … I won’t tell, wink!).

That’s it. Simple and beautiful. Now, go eyeball the pack of eggs that are in your fridge and steal scoop some soil from plants already in your (neighbors) home, and watch your creation blossom. Many times simplicity is an elegant and rewarding beauty {if you agree, tweet it}. More (pretty) photos . . . .

Life can get complicated and filled with many “have-to-do” mental chaos and the “no-she-didn’t” physical rage that can spark when it’s allowed. I emphasize allowed bec we all have a superpower (yes you do!). It’s the power to not allow something to bother us to a boiling point, to allow comments or actions to bounce off us (queue in Wonderwoman’s bracelets). Yes, it’s definitely easier said that done, but with practice it gets easier. Allowing comments/actions to bounce off us doesn’t mean that we do not react to it …. it means we respond with love – for our self and the other person. Let’s blossom this season with a goal to keep things simple within our home and heart.


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Mr & Mrs Easter Eggs | No boiling required!

Normally we make hard boiled eggs in preparation to “decorate” them for Easter. But, this season, why not try the lazy ’creative’ egg decorating WITHOUT boiling them. How? Gather your regular eggs and simply draw faces on them, and put them back in the fridge until you are ready to make …. scramble eggs, french toast, omelets, yum etc. How? Simply use colors markers. Make adorable faces like the Mr + Mrs couples that I made … a added red lipstick for the gals, and mustache and ties for the men. It’s guaranteed to make you (and your fam) smile when you open the box of eggs.

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Video: pendant I glam’d made using coffee filters

In today’s 34 second video we (me and my fabulous intern Emily who preps the videos) show you 5 quick steps to making a pendant lamp with (waaaait for it) … coffee filters! I venture into glam’ing up a 20″ paper lamp shade that cost $5.95, and it turned out A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Plus, you get to see me standing on my dining room table (yes, table!) to show you the location I plan on placing the pendant. Ready to see the vid?

Tablet/mobile phone view-ability version (click image):

Regular view-ability version:

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it’s egg decorating time!

Stay tuned for this year’s Easter egg decorating ideas. Hint: they are fun / easy-to-do/ adorable / and creative. All just in time so you can have fun making them too. I even have egg decorating ideas without having to boil eggs (whaaaaaa? yep, stay tuned!). In the meantime, here’s a behind the scene’s peek of one of the designs:


Contact Paper VS Blow Dryer in Kitchen

I found that the BEST way to remove pain-in-the-arse old contact paper from shelves is to face it off with a blow dryer! Yes paper, quiver in fear! And the winner is …. the blow dryer!

You know when you use the public restroom and reach for toilet paper and annoyingly only slivers of paper come out of the bin (and u end up having to pull it 7 times to make 1 sheet), well … that’s how removing VERY OLD shelf contact paper feels like. But, hey it doesn’t deter this gal from her kitchen reno. Bye bye (50+ years) contact paper ….

We removed all contents from our cabinets (we basically relocated the kitchen into our dining area), and all our cabinet doors (u can see more behind the scenes here). Good upper arm workout – Tsst, who needs the gym when you have a kitchen renovation to work on!
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Stay tuuuuned for more updates (backsplash ceramic tiles GONE, vinyl floors GONE, etc. etc.)


Video: How to create a 2D ‘We Fit Perfect” card

Today’s 39 second video shows how you can make a customized 2D card in 4 SIMPLE steps! This card is perfect for any occasion to share your love, especially an anniversary! Do you have one coming up soon? Buy some $1.00 puzzle pieces and make a not-sold-in-stores-priceless handmade “we fits perfectly” card this year, painting the puzzle parts any color you looooove.

Blog/tablet/mobile phone view-ability version (click image): 

Regular view-ability version:


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