See Cute Origami Bird Transform on My Wall

I installed an origami crane decal about 2 years ago (see pics here) and even though i still LOVE the design (showing the different paper fold stages to make the origami crane bird), and placement, I got tired of the color. I wanted a more classic color – black! Esp since door leads to my bathroom (see it’s color here). So I grabbed black paint and small brush to simply paint over the outline. Simple, right? Nooooo, it was NOT! I was exhausted trying to finish just ONE. What was I thinking! I may had drank decaf coffee that day and wasn’t creatively alert.

So, options:
PLAN A – save money + paint over the decal (my hand may fall off) 
PLAN B – save time and replace the decal with the color I want

I went with PLAN B (since I didn’t want to spend 504 hours attempting to paint “straight” lines). The decal was very, very, very easy (and quick) to remove, and left no damage to the wall. It was faster removing all the decals then painting over just one decal (I still quiver at my attempt! EEK!).

So, I grabbed a cup of caffeinated coffee, stopped being a cheapo, and simply purchased the origami decal in the color I loved. The cost is about $36! I bought it here.

They have a variety of colors, but I went with classic black. The origami crane decal arrived in 1 sheet (roll), so I simply cut each design (of the origami paper fold) and placed them on the wall for position approval.

Then peeled the white backing, stuck the decal and smoothed out with a plastic tool (photo on left/below), then peeled the clear front liner (photo on right/below). Then, done! No messy paint involved.

Funny how my yellow wall color looks different in photos throughout the day depending on how much natural + artificial light it has.

One day I will conceal those ugly cable cords. One day, wink! Yes, our ceiling is painted green and has stripes (details another day). Oh, and I learned to make the origami crane birds from this 8:45 minute video here. My tip to making the origami easier is to make sure your folds are sharp. No marshmallow (wimpy) folds, but strong sharp folds. I used a quarter to sharpen my folds. I also wanted the bird to be colorful and medium size so I used the Staples packaging for my birdie (it was the first thing I spotted). Gift wrapping paper would be perfect for cool huge origami birds. Maybe even make an origami as as a gift tag. If you make one send me a photo at Have fun!


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  1. Antonio says:

    What a great origami design.

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