2 quick fixes for Jenny’s bedroom (CPR needed!)

Hi there! Hope your day is going smooth. To hopefully enhance this “smooth” day I want to remind you of what I probably say a gazillion times – you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a room “feel beautifully different”. Take Jenny’s bedroom below … a bit bland, it was clearing missing her personality so I was hired to give it some CPR.

pink_Before photo - Ada gonzalez - quick bedroom decoration fixes ada gonzalez - mounting artwork up high

So with just 2 decorative fixes we resuscitated her bedroom from boringzzzzz to blissful. Below is the what (we added) and why (we added it).

2 quick fixes: 

1. added ART to give VISUAL HEIGHT 

* she didn’t want the TV mounted onto the wall, and with the dark color dresser the space simple looked heavy and bland. So we added a POP of colorful yellow artprint (purchased here) to bring some visual height to this wall. With Jenny’s busy work load I found the “KEEP CALM and CARRY ON” would perfectly fit her personality. And maaaybe even serve as a morning pep talk, like ….  “yeah, I got this” before she started her day

* the adjacent (window) wall only had a roller shade, so we added dark framed mirrors to the edge of the window frame to (2) bring visual interest and the dark wood frame matched the dark wood dresser (for a cohesive balance). Btw, the pretty mirrored frames were only ONLY $1.99 each! Yep, isn’t it amazing what visual impact economical items can create?!!

2. added decorative pillows (a ooh so pretty embroidered floral pillows) to soften the dark leather headboard. 

Simplicity (with purpose) goes a looooooong way.  Now, doesn’t this bedroom look a bit more blissfully peaceful and put together to tackle any crazy busy day? . . .

mirror frames on window  -  Ada Gonzalez - new york interior stylist pillow and frames - Ada Gonzalez - new york interior stylist Keep calm and carrow on - yellow print -  Ada Gonzalez - new york interior stylist
blue texture pillow - Ada Gonzalez - new york interior stylist decorator


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