Choosing a UNIQUE bathroom light

Bathroom wall tiles all painted, now time to install a new light fixture. We went with a cool industrial style lamp. Hmmm, now how to remove the old one from the WALL and install the new one on the CEILING. Oh yeah, easily  … Ring, Ring… Hello Juan (our awesome electrician)! We just got a new pendant lamp, can you install it for us? 

And that he did …..

The base opens so we can easily change the bulb …..

One knob is stable and 3 flip open, here’s a closer view …

Let’s rewind to see how it all came to be! Oh, by the way, this was my job … removing the old (boringzzzzz) lamp cover …..

I was also in charge of the clean up ….

Yep, the ‘brains’ of this operation (designing, sourcing, buying) had to do the clean up work (plus, I am a neat freak)! Juan and hubby were the true brains and brawn for this project … I was tired just taking off the old wall light fixture cover. Oh, I also assigned myself as the photographer (stalker) … to journalize this transformation ….. (psst, remember how the pink tiles used to looked? eeek pink, visit memory lane here) ….

Time to cut through the ceiling! Check out the clear bag Juan taped to the wall to grab the dust/debris from the ceiling … genius, especially since it means less clean up work for me! I did tell you I got tired from just taking off the lamp cover, right! …

Time to remove the wall fixture …. karate-chop-electrician-style ….

Looks medusa-like ….. (ooh, pretty hair … don’t zap me!) …

There was a total of 2 ‘cuts’ made, and 1 hole that already existed (where the old lamp was) ….

Contained ….. 

Hellooooo wires. Ready to meet your new neighbor …..

Canopy ready for install ……

Then spackling paste parteeee time ….

Oh new pendant lamp, how I love thee; let me count the ways!

All done. Not! Hubby and I decided to make the pole shorter, and the wall was easier to paint without the lamp, so down the pendant went ….

Pole/cord shortened ….

And walls painted ….

Thanks Juan and thanks hubby for working your magic transforming the bathroom with my favorite pendant lamp!!! Yep, we still have moooore to do. Stay tuned, as the work progresses I will be posting updates.
As for today I spend all morning and early afternoon in a photo shoot for another one of my completed interior design projects in Manhattan. It took me longer than I expected to style the apt, but all worth it even though I am e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d! TGIF!!!
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2 Responses to Choosing a UNIQUE bathroom light

  1. It’s never ending right? But always fun and exciting to make changes and mix things up! The new light is gorgeous!!!! Love the vibe. Thank goodness for handy hubbies and “Juans” 🙂

  2. Ada says:

    def, exciting – like journeying into a new adventure .. without the hiking gear!

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