My Bedroom is a Bat Lair (plus, free bat templates)

Want some batty wall art for this Halloween? We love decorating for Halloween in our home (yep, even-our-bedroom), so this year I decided to go batty by creating bats to hang around. They can be attached to walls or even to toothpicks/skewers …

I hand drew the bats (a large and small one), and created templates for you (free, but of course!)

In our bedroom, I gave it a flight pattern as if they sleep in our nightstand (haha). We only have had ONE attack us (fall down), but it was probably bec I moved it a 1,052,215 times deciding on the flight pattern (guess bat tape got tired).

1. templates (get large here, small here)
2. poster board (I got mine at Rite Aid for $1.25)
3. scissors (like who doesn’t have a pair of scissors right?!!)
4. tape (already had at home)

1. upload templates
2. draw outline of bat onto template
3. folded their wings gently
4. attached with double sided tape

$1.25 (plus tax) for a total of 20 cool bats


TIP: Old costumes make GREAT decor too! I hung my old black wings from the time I went to a Halloween party as a dark angel, (my BFF went as a good angel .. we still debate as to who is reaaaally the nicer one!). Another time I went as a mermaid, so I placed my tail under the bed (as if a mermaid is hiding). Check our the placements below . . .

Can you think of any old costume that you can display as decor.

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2 Responses to My Bedroom is a Bat Lair (plus, free bat templates)

  1. antonio says:

    Great ideas, I like the mermaid tail :)

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