Wednesday’s Wink … { Design Peek: Basement Photoshoot! }


Hi!!!! Do you remember the basement design project we installed a few months ago? Well, today we have photoshoot pics. The mission = design 1 basement with 3 spaces … play area (for kids), poker area (for adults), and guest area (for … yep guests!!!!). Here are some pictures   – starting with the kids area. Don’tcha love the POP of color?

Top view, do you LOVE the curves in the orange carpet? 

Recognize my fabulous design assistant?

Oh, yeah that’s me below … definitely a crazy hair day so I placed it up in a bun (yes, very librarian looking, which is funny bec I soooo have not been in a library in years haha!): 

Picture without me and my crazy hair slicked back: 

How would you describe this area? 

Within the design I wanted to give visual HEIGHT and FUN (of course), do you think we accomplished it with the wall mounted MEGA-LARGE leaves. The kids looooooved it (p.s. the parents too!). 

Close up time …………..

I suggested extending the leaves’ stem to the floor with green paint, but the client preferred it this way (save money on paint + contractors cost for labor). It does have a nice ‘floating look’ to it. Did you notice the music notes? They are decals. You can view the leaves + decals installation peeks here

Peekaboooooo! we added suitcase storage (extra storage for kids toys .. perfect for small items), plus of course the cool POP of color! 

Ok, time for the adults to play, here are some pics: 

I sourced an ‘open’ design poker table so the basement still feels spacious! Did you notice that the chairs have similar color to the kids chair (designed that way for a cohesive look + so kids feel a bit grown up with similar colors to the ‘adult’ chair). 

Now the guest room, client already had 1 sofabed so we simply purchased 2 to make it looong. Did you see my Design Presentation Board with the Furniture Placement Layout? <– shows the birdseye view of the sofa placement and more!

My mission = incorporate fun while still maintaining a sophisticated feel to the space .. hence the serene gray/white curtains, and the decorative pillows, then SPLASH of color with the BLUE ottoman!

Oh, want to see a picture of how the room looked when I first took measurements? Here’s it is: 


Closer view of the before .. eeeek:

Transformation “after picture’ (Ada’s team to the rescuuuuueeee!)

What do you think of the basement design?

I had such a LOOOONG day in Brooklyn today (another design project installation wooohooo – I love the installations but THEY ARE exhausting with so many details) – I posted a peek picture in Facebook.  PLUS, we managed to squeeze in a design consultation for a master bedroom (that goodness is was only 10 minutes away from the apt design installation. I need to reply to a few emails then THUMP <— my sound effect for my face falling onto the keyboard from being so tired. Have a BEAUTIFUL evening!!!

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment please scroll down!

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7 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { Design Peek: Basement Photoshoot! }

  1. I love it!!! Wow. You put a lot of work into that project. My son would loooove the kids area. I love that the pops of color are not too in your face. You should be proud!!!

    • Ada says:

      Glad u love the design Lisa! And yes, I am proud of this design and all my projects …. as it is my profession + passion!

  2. noreen says:

    i love the table color with the bright, curvy carpet! also the leaves hanging over to bring the ceiling down and make it cozy. lovely!

  3. Gorgeous, fun and electric! Love it Ada. You did a fabulous job on this space. Love the orange cowhide shaped rug.

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