Wednesday’s Wink … { Basement Design Install | Part 2 of 2 }

Decal power to the design!!!! You probably know by now that I LOVE decals … they come in cool designs, colors, and are ooooh so economical! So in this design project (transforming a basement to a guest room/ karaoke space/ and poker room) we installed wall decals (above is fabulosa Evelisa helping install the large flower ball decals). The yellow and gray decals balance the yellow and gray pillow covers that will be across the room … on the sofa. If you want to check out pics of the pillow covers head over hereWhat do you think of the large round floral decals? Looks a bit 3D-ish don’t they?  ….. yep, even decals can have the ‘look of texture’.

Below I am below doing yoga …. I mean I am streeeetching to install the musical notes decal to the ceiling (yep, that day I skipped the gym since installations are usually a work-out!!!).

Below is a closer view of the musical note decals on the ceiling beam. Did you spot the large green leaf? :

Here I am showing the panel of decals, I trimmed around each note, then placed them individually (funny, my shirt looks black …. it was actually gray):

Here are the LARGE LEAVES for the designated kids karaoke space … did you see the lil splash of blue color in their cute little chairs?. The leaves are a canopy usually attached to a bed, but of course I love ’designing outside the box’ so I had the contractors mount the leaves onto the wall to cover the kids table area. Whatcha think of it? (doesn’t it make you want to have a picnic!!):

The difficult part of the assembly was actually inserting the poles (um, ‘stem’ into the leaves). Here is a closer look:

Below is Evelisa showing off our shoe protectors … the client installed carpet recently so we came prepared with shoe/floor protectors. Of course, our contractors had them on as well … the professional bunch that they are!

Here is the design board I created, showing the clients all the items I recommend for the room. We took out the round table, and changed the carpet tiles, but everything else was approved. For the poker table, I proposed the below blur chairs (splash of colooooor). Did you see how the kids little blue chairs match in color as the adults (so they can feel grown up too!):

Installation went well, we haven’t set up the design photoshoot yet, but when we do, we will share with you how the entire room looks. In case you didn’t see the gutter room before, here is a peek.

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11 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { Basement Design Install | Part 2 of 2 }

  1. homestilo says:

    Great job Ada & Evelisa- way to transform a basement into a bright and cheerful room. I also really like how the floor plan has a ‘grown up area’ and a designated ‘kids area’

  2. Eek…love flower decals…so fun! I also couldn’t help noticing the beautiful orange cowhide and chevron area rugs. <3

    • Ada says:

      Hi Amy, good eye!!! … the faux cowhide are actual carpet tiles cut to the cowhide outline! I am SOOO glad they went with my recommendation to ad it (yeah). There r some items that as designers we KNOW will make a HUGE visual (coolness) impact!

  3. Amanda says:

    I like the round floral decals. They do look a little 3D. It looks like you guys enjoyed putting it together.

    • Ada says:

      Installs are usually very draining … so it’s great when we add a bit of FUN to it .. as decorating should be = fun!

  4. I love the room! Those leaves are so fun. The kids are going to love singing under them.

  5. hi ada - it looks wonderful! i agree with you about the decals, and the giant leaf lights are fun and lovely.

  6. Myra says:

    The flower ball decals looks so great with the large leaves in the kids karaoke space! Such a FUN SPACE!

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