Back from my honeymoon - with pictures of our bungalow over the water

I am back from my wedding in Hawaii and honeymoon in Tahiti & Bora Bora. The wedding was magical and the honeymoon as spectacular! Below is a picture of the entrance to our romantic bungalow (from the entrance you can see right through the back … the reef and mountain):

Even though our wedding ceremony was in Hawaii, we took our wedding attire to our honeymoon and on our 1 week ‘anniversary’ (still at our honeymoon) I placed my wedding dress on and my hubby wore his tuxedo (pants + shirt, no tie or jacket for a casual cool look) and we jumped into the water surrounding our bungalow for some splish and splashing - it was so much FUN! Here are some pics of getting ready before the swim …

To view pictures of me in the water and my hubby jumping (cannonball style) into the water with his tuxedo on and many more pictures go to (you will need to add me as a friend to view the pictures).
*** Stay tuned for NEW POSTS throughout this month revealing amazing pictures showcasing the decor in Tahiti & Bora Bora … they still take my breath away when I view them. If you haven’t subscribed yet to this blog, do so now so the new posts are automatically emailed to you as soon as they are published. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and ‘take in’ the beauty of the surrounding mountain displayed in the pics (it is breathtaking isn’t it).
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful pictures, you look gorgeous. Congratulations.

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