What’s New … { Happy Island’s license plate }

Dontcha love that the license plate states that it’s One Happy Island? It sure is a happy one! In the Arikok National Park there are a few beach inlets that we can explore, like this one below:

Then we headed back to the resort. We spotted the Police Station and dropped by to say hello (my hubby’s a police officer so it’s always nice to meet fellow comrades.).

I couldn’t help take photos of this beautiful COLORFUL house, it’s so cheery looking:

Here’s another view, that’s all the pics I took of it (didn’t want them to call the cops for being a peeing-tom):

We drove back to the other side of the island to our resort. Time to pack and fly back.

Bye bye Aruba:

Aren’t these clouds soooo fluffy looking?


Now, back home it was time to CREATE OUR VACA album! We use My Publisher for a professional printed album that is sooooo easy to create. You simply upload all your photos, add image boxes where you want the photos to go, then voila …..

Our album arrived on Wednesday!

In this digital world, it is so nice to have a printed album.

Ooh, the memories …..

Have you used My Publisher or any other album maker?

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment scroll down.

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4 Responses to What’s New … { Happy Island’s license plate }

  1. Those photos are gorgeous! What kind of camera do you use?

  2. noreen says:

    hi ada - it looks like you had a great time. lots of sunscreen, i hope. and that green house - cute!

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