What’s New … { our FUN jeep excursion! }

Here they are!!!! .. more pics of our Aruba vaca! We had such a blast at the jeep excursion … the ride (‘drive’) itself was in the cRaZy desert terrain and was insanely a fun roller coaster-like ride.

Every time we entered a new crazy terrain (rock zone!!!) he warned us that it was time to ………. Shake and Bake!!!! The baking part was the strong sun. I had no idea that this Caribbean island was filled with cacti …. looking at this pic below it still looks like Arizona to me. Ummm, well …. beside the goat.

The excursion took us to several spots …. and thank goodness they gave out water booties bec it was rockie!!!

I looooooove this photo below (reminds me of why I love photography .. capturing the moment). Do you like it? Oh, the stacked rocks are wishes!

Our guide said that the tradition started by fishermen creating them as luck to grab more fish, then it grew as a tradition for tourist coming to Aruba and ‘gardening’ their wishes. You bet hubby and I made out wish …. I’ll let you know if it comes true.  The excursion took us to a natural pool where we were able to snorkel.

Did I mention …. thanks goodness they gave me water shoes (booties) to climb all these rocks. Walking in high heels in NYC goes not prepare a gal to walk on these rocks … haha:

Last minute we purchased a waterproof camera and managed to take these pics ….

Water was clear, though we didn’t see tooooo many fish. Still, pretty cool swimming along and the rock (above) was the spot to rest if you wanted to get splashed my the ocean water.

The excursion also took us to the Gold Mill Ruins, here’s a peek:

Did I tell you there was CACTI everywhere??????? Check out my ‘medusa’ photo below:

We also went to the California Lighthouse, where we purchased this coconut refreshment. I didn’t take pics of the lighthouse. I wasn’t too impressed by it. And, we were told why it was called ‘California Lighthouse’, but …. ummm, I wasn’t paying attention in class. Instead I gravitate to the coconuts. Yep, I go coco for coconuts!!! Do ya SEE the size of that machete below? I’m sure no one takes her coconuts:

Slurp, slurp …. Oh, where did our group go? I really should pay more attention in class.

It was nice visiting the Alto Vista Chapel. Where people travel tofor mass. I didn’t go inside out of respect for the people inside. I love the doors:

Imagine having mass in the outdoors, sitting on the yellow cement benches? I think it beautiful + magical looking:

Oh, in the excursion I had fun stalking the lizards too. I was very surprised that we hardly spotted any in the resort, so when I spotted any I turned into a child and chased it (yep I am cool, calm, and collected like that!). This lighting pic was a view from the lighthouse where we were able to see the island from a top view.

Last week hubby and I finished creating our album for this vaca. We use My Publisher to upload pics and then the album gets shipped to us. Here’s a screenshot, after we upload the pics it’s a simple drop in the pictures where you want it placed. I LOVE the look!!! We are getting it this week so I will share photos of how the album looks next Saturday, when I share pics of the last set of Aruba pics we took …. our trip to the caves where we spotted bats!! Yeah, BATS flying over us. It was awesoooome! The crazy part about the caves was that there was NO tour, you simply go in and explore (with flashlight in hand) the caves. I think you are going to LOVE seeing the photos.

Wow, I have been yapping a lot in this post. Enough about me, what has been YOUR favorite vaca? 

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment scroll down.

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4 Responses to What’s New … { our FUN jeep excursion! }

  1. Oh Ada, these pictures are gorgeous! Looks like you had a wonderful time! My husband and I wanted to go to Aruba earlier this year but it didn’t work out (hoping to go next year though). I can’t get over how different the terrain is compared to other Caribbean islands. So beautiful! Keep them coming!

  2. Myra says:

    The church doors are beautiful!! Coconut refreshments are always so yummi!!

  3. Christine says:

    Hi, Ada

    I am so happy that you had a blast in Aruba. I am from Aruba, and it always gets me excited when someone that I know goes to Aruba on vacation. Off-roading to the Natural pool is the number one thing to do in Aruba, it’s so much fun and a very unique experience. I go off-roading every time I go back to visit my fam and friends.
    The coconut water from Aruba is the best. Growing up we have coconut trees in our yard and we would take one down, cut it and drink the water whenever we feel like it. Then we would eat the cononut meat, so yummie and tender.
    Next time you should go to Aruba for the Carnival, it’s also one of the best times go to there, and join the parade.


    • Ada says:

      Hi Christine! Oh how nice!!!! I will get in touch w/u next time we go to get suggestions on non-tourisy restaurants to go. I luv coconuts. I was born in NY, but my parents were born in the carribean island of Puerto Rico …. I love being surrounded by palm trees and eating coconut meat YUM!

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