YOUR 8 WEEKEND LINKS (apple pie cupcakes, etc.)


Before the brrrr weather kicks in over here, I intend on cherishing every-single-day left of summer. You too? I plan on BBQ’ing meals every day and soaking my toes in the grass until my toes fall off (or when they start complaining that it’s cold). Stay tuned this coming week to see all the cool stuff we purchased to style my client’s ($1.5M) apartment for sell, it looks AH-mazing! See how our paint dipped planter turned out, and the final reveal of Stephanie & Bill’s living room. Oh, and we are also working on showing you how to how to make $0.79 notebooks look expensive! Photo above shows the beach we stayed at (we became beach coach potatoes) during our get-a-away in Cape May this month (more pics here).

In preparation for autumn, Ginette found an apple pie cupcake (yes, CUPCAKE) recipe that will have you drooling. She also found great solutions for hiding those ugly charger cables, storing paper clips/bobby pins (hint: Tic Tac containers), and much more. Check out your 8 weekend links.

Victorian Red House in cape may 490

photo location: #capemay

(to smile, laugh, make, admire, drool over)

  1. Summer may be coming to an end but it’s beauty will remain with these gorgeous split images. I bet you will be wow’d.
  2. These apple pie cupcakes makes me want to lick the screen
  3. Leaves change colors, but check out this technique to de-colorize these elegant framed leaves.
  4. Dip dyed tumblers?  I may create these with autumn colors.
  5. Pumpkin spice… you can’t eat these, see why.
  6. Finally a fun solution to hiding those ugly electrical wires
  7. Tic Tac container converted into a pretty organizer. . . so cool
  8. Don’t recycle those cereal boxes/ t.p. & paper towel rolls just yet, they still have the potential to become this
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