Apartment made out of ice (sort-of-ish)

While in Boston we decided to visit Frost Ice Bar lounge or as I like to call it - an ice apartment. Almost every single item in the ‘apartment’ is made from ice (I know, crazy cool, right!). They had sofas made of ice (yes, I practically squealed with excitement when I spotted them). The residents keep their apt thermostat at 21 degrees to preserve their precious cool furnishing. Brrr.

The foyer (entrance) took my breath away when I spotted the gorgeous chandelier with ice-crystal blocks. Did you see the ice bubbled wall coverings (better than any wallpaper or paint). Then there was the playful toys (ducks), the sculpture with an ice tong tool frozen in time (cool irony), and sports memorabilia (baseballs), and they even had a fish tank (no, fish not real, but still adorable) As I walked towards the living room area I spotted the sofas with sheepskin throws, the coffee/cocktail table, the centerpiece on the table, and even … FROZEN art (I’m squealing with excitement just reminiscing)! But enough of my babbling, let me show you photos . . . .

Artwork (encased in ice), sofa (carved from ice), throw /sheepskin on the sofa for our tushy’s comfort, coffee/ cocktail table (made of ice blocks), centerpiece decor on table (ice ice ice!), and  ceiling ice-cubes hanging art; all adds up to =  coolness!

And then I spotted it …. (cue the exciting squeaaaaaaaaling). Isn’t she beautiful?

A swan made of ice (that happens to be taller than me and designed with benches inside). Sweet! . . . .

The centerpiece on the ice table are ice hockey pucks (I think!?!?!). They also look like Oreo cookies, but I rather view them as hockey pucks or else you may find my tongue stuck to the ice.

Oh, in my excitement to give you the apartment tour I didn’t get to tell you about our welcoming. In some apartments, the residents ask that you take off your shoes, well this is NOT one of those apts. Instead, you get to wear a coat (which I like to call a pajama-coat bec we are indoors, right .. duuuh!). I found it super comfortable, with pockets and faux fur lined hood. Yeah, these apt tenants treat their guests great.


Oh, yeah and there’s the kitchen (bar area) below . . . completely made from blocks of ice (coolest kitchen counter top ever huh!).

Did I tell you that the drinking cups were ALSO made of ice? Awesome, right! We didn’t buy any drinks, but a couple near us left one at the table so I TOUCHED it like it was the holy grail. Then back to posing looking cool, calm, and collected (internally I was jumping up and down flaring my hands with excitement). . .

As we were leaving we noticed that the chandelier changes colors (awesome sauce!!!). See photo above and below. It was my final squeal of excitement as we headed out leaving our pajama-coats on hangers, and thanking our hosts for their hospitality. Oh, as for the bedroom - I didn’t see any nor did I ask. Wouldn’t it be weird to ask a host to show us their bedroom, wink! But as a designer I totally (clearly) visualize it …. ice beds with faux fur pillows, sheepskin rug so feet don’t get too cold getting out of the bed, dressers with see through drawers so we can see what’s kept inside, nightstand ice cubes with working night tables (that guests can switch on and off), and hey maybe juuuust maybe a functional TV. Crazy, cool.

Ok, I’m done daydreaming, I have to go work on an email design consultation. I hope you enjoyed the photos. Let me know.

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