Ada’s fish had babies … check them out! | Plus aquarium "CAR"!

My fish had babies (the pic below shows the pint size cutie-pies). Hmmm, does that make me a grandmama?

Albina found these photos of designers with a have huuuge creativity, here’s her great find …
Check out this telephone booth:
And why refrain yourself to the standard fish tanks, be creative, for example use ….. a car…. watch the video below. Presented at the Siam Ocean World in Bangkok (at the Siam Paragon shopping center), this car has been modified into a large and by the looks of it, quite comfortable mobile home for a few dozen fish. The car is completely sealed so don’t even think about opening the doors or any other compartment:

Please take care of your fish!!!!

- Albina and Ada

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2 Responses to Ada’s fish had babies … check them out! | Plus aquarium "CAR"!

  1. cinner says:

    Congratulations on the babies….I had fish and they never had any…I thought this was pretty cool. Loved the car….have a great weekend!

  2. Ada's Design Team! says:

    Thank you! The baby fish are adorable aren’t they — I was shocked when I saw them and scooped them up immediately to the separate tank. Have a beeaauuuuttiful weekend!

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