I’m an interior decorator, abstract painter, and ice cream devourer based in New York helping clients throughout the USA.

 I help busy home owners + renters like you beautify their homes elegantly and economically

When fully caffeinated I also mentor budding decorators with tools that show them how to strengthen their uniqueness / I also produce sponsored posts to feature home related company products / and create instructional DIYs home décor. My background - I graduated from NYIAD in 2005, started my biz in 2006, won a design competition in 2007, appeared on New York’s WVOX radio station and Canadian radio station and have been featured in newspapers as an expert design consultant.

My decorating style?   ada-gonzalez-design-style

All my designs feature who you are, what you love, and what you like to do. I want your home to feel, that no matter what kind of day you had your home feels like a warm hug reminding you that . . .

  • you are loved
  • you are unique
  • you are accomplished
  • you are a rockstar!


 My guarantee

Know that I value you and when we work together I not only become your designer, and cheerleader; but also your friend. I have your back whenever you need me.

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For a tour of my office visit here, and to find out why/how I decided to become an interior designer, mosey on over here