A chalkable pendant lamp! Write on!

Hi everyone! Not only do you have the power to paint the town with your wonderful beautiful personality, but you can also LIGHT UP a pendant lamp with any creative words that you want to chalk on. Yes, chalk on! Below is a pendant lamp I spotted designed by artisan John Beck:

The John Beck Chalkboard Pendant is sold at greendepot.com for $175
Did you know that you can paint your walls at home (or home office) with chalk PAINT?
Check out this kitchen:
Above Image was found on The Style Files.  
So what magic wand do you need to transform your walls into chalk? Easy breezy chalkboard paint; such as the one made from Rust-Oleum, see pic below:
Rust-Oleum Brush-On Chalkboard Paint available at most Home Depots for about $14.00

Chalkable designs .. whether on a pendant or 1 wall in your room are just plain F.U.N. I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Have a spectacular day! * Hugs, Ada - Interior Decorator for the Star in You!

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