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Monday’s Make-it: egg roundup!

Yep, this Easter weekend was filled with eggs eggs and more eggalicious project using a variety of techniques/tools .. like office highlighters, nail polish and more. You can mosey on over to the blog to see the how to’s over … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it …. our blog columns

How was your weekend? It snowed in New York (AGAIN!!!), though not enough to be able to make another snow penguin or cupcake. I aim not to work in the weekends, but I managed to squeeze in some “catch up” work (without … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it {magnetizing ur hammer w/luv}

Did you guess which was my hammer? (btw: I also have a pink swiss army craft knife set .. including screwdriver). I was going to start posting today some of the diys steps we implemented in our bathroom since we … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it {diy remote caddy for bedframe}

See where we have our remote control? Yep on the side of the bed. Literally ON THE SIDE, not on the nightstand. I’ll make today’s post quick (um, hopefully). COMFORTS to me include warmth (cozy bed) and accessibility to things. … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it … { reindeer as artwork }

    Ready to see how I added the $0.00 cost reindeer art to my photo wall gallery? Photos are magical bec they help us remember a time in the past, but to have the saaaaame ones every single year … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it … { soda bottle vases for xmas?? }

Pssst, the photo above holding the marshmallows (which reminds me of snow) is a soda-bottle-vase! Say Whaaa? Here’s the dealio, I love adding decorative items to clear vases during the holidays, but some vases are too narrow or too short, … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it … { my master bedroom door }

  Happy Monday!!!! Last week I posted how I wasn’t sure if I would paint the door blue or the lion doorknocker blue. What’s the decision? ….. drum roooooll … paint the doorknocker! I decided that painting the door blue … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it … { lion doorknocker named Leo}

  How was your weekend? I am FINALLY starting to work on decorating my own home, which means that the door knocker I purchased about a year ago has been dusted off. Many times clients meet me and immediately apologize … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it … { Mummy Pumpkin + Cyclops }

  Hubby and I (Mr. & Mrs. Frankenstein) usually aim to make creative pumpkins  not ‘4 days before Halloween (eeeek, so last minute!)’. But we have been very busy, so to gear our excitement up for our decorating fest I started by … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it … { making a clipboard PRETTY! }

In the office we have lots of projects going on at once that I have decided to use clipboards – hung up on the wall/corkboards so projects are more accessible to more than 1 person. Staples carry large brown clipboards for … Continue reading

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