4 brilliant lamps for your home that DO NOT require bulbs!

I recently revealed the wonderful selection of headboards that are very lightweight … actually extremely light weight …. because they are not make from wood or wrought iron .. they are DECALS that you simply rub onto your wall. At the site, I also spotted some lamps that I just had to share with you because of their creative designs … designs that requires NO light bulbs at all … because they are decals.

I especially like this one that you can apply to look like it is resting on your work desk:

Overall these are great decor accents bec they:
- give a splash of color (there is actually a variety of colors to choose from)
- give ‘height’ to a wall
- fills up an empty wall … in a ‘ooooh so creative way’

Below is another favorite of mine because it also includes the electrical outlet plug where the floor lamp is ‘plugged in’:

Check out these designs - see how they easily ‘fill up’ the wall space.

These are all available at http://www.whatisblik.com/. Have fun looking at all their creative wall decals. DID YOU SPOT the chandelier? Have a FUN and creative day today, and I do hope you liked today’s Decoration Inspiration! ~ Hugs, Ada
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