Adding adorable 3D paper butterflies to walls

How did Friday pop up so quickly! I’ve been meaning to post this cutie-pie nursery design element since Tuesday. Then, blink. It’s Friday. Ok, here it is – in this nursery design, I ordered 3D butterflies for adorable Jacob (cutest baby client ever!) for the bathroom wall/door that you immediately see when you enter the room to give it a sprinkle of visual FUN. The playful set of butterflies arrived and were ready to flutter onto the walls (3D wall art awesomeness!).

 (Thanks Carmen for the illustrations of me, great collabo!) The 3D butterflies arrive with adhesive dots on the back so all you have to do is remove the adhesive protective film and place the cute butterfly on the wall (door, shelf, lamp, desk, window frame, mirror, someone’s back hehehehe). Oh, did I mention how economical they are? Wall art DOES NOT have to come in a frame, wink!  Here’s a closer photo.

On the entry door of Jacob’s room, I also added a fabric giraffe height chart with cute photo frames (so Jacob’s growth is awesomely documented). You can see the chart installation here and see which one we originally received by error. Oooh, those shipping errors are annoying but sometimes funny.

And here I am super tired styling the rest of the home – as I prep it for the final reveal and photoshoot (see how this hallway design turned out here). “Huh, what, you’re taking a photo of me now, looking like this, err okay. smile ” . . . 

You can check out more of Jacob’s room here. Oh, back to the 3D butterflies, they are very economical for a WHOLE LOAD of them, and they come in different colors, styles, textures, and are easy to install. Wanna see a larger variety of 3D butterflies? … mosey on over here. Have a great day. I’m heading out …. need cooooooooffee.

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  1. Antonio says:

    I love those butterflies. Looks great!

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