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Adorable XOXOs on pillowcase and balloons

For my 5 year wedding anniversary I wanted to DIY a present for hubs. “Monogramming” something came to mind! Towel? Naah! Maybe something cozier. Aha, pillowcase! But instead of adding his initials, I decided to add a love note (hugs … Continue reading

How to paint a ‘reminder’ door (its front, edge, back)

For the days that zip by so quickly with tons to do and tons of constant thinking, it’s nice to see visual reminders … little clues to help us stop in our tracks and think of the positives (not of … Continue reading

The cutest DIY doormat to welcome your guests

Check out how I (and you can too!) turned over my old doormat and made it adorably new by simply painting it. I created it for SheKnows, so mosey on over to their site to get all the EASY steps … Continue reading

See Cute Origami Bird Transform on My Wall

I installed an origami crane decal about 2 years ago (see pics here) and even though i still LOVE the design (showing the different paper fold stages to make the origami crane bird), and placement, I got tired of the … Continue reading


Ada’s home office tour | office sweet office

Welcome to my office tour! My office sweet office. I hope you enjoy the tour. I also added answers for questions that I get asked often. When designing my office I knew I wanted to be surrounded by vibrant energetic colors … Continue reading

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Watermelon on a Stick in 3 Minutes

Because I believe summer should be filled with lazy relaxing days, I love ideas (especially those food related) that are easy to do, so we can have more time for important stuff, like - well - lazy (chillaxing) time! I … Continue reading

DIY window valance (naked no more)!

Tired of seeing my bathroom window frame naked (what an exhibitionist!), showing it’s stuff all nilly willy … frame not fitting, etc. (see closer photo here), I ventured into creating (DIY’ing) a valance. The result? I love it! (hubs loves it … Continue reading

Time to hide that UGLY metal frame!

Ever had a home project idea that you wished to get started, then you blink and a year has passed by? Well my bathroom’s window “what-to-do” is one of those!  You see, we love our 2″ wood window blinds but … Continue reading

How to turn an old white t-shirt into a USA flag tanktop

Do you already know what to wear to this year’s 4th of July event? How about a cute USA flag tank top - made with no sewing, and upcycled from a t-shirt! Whether it’s celebrating in the backyard, at a … Continue reading