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Video: How to create a 2D ‘We Fit Perfect” card

Today’s 39 second video shows how you can make a customized 2D card in 4 SIMPLE steps! This card is perfect for any occasion to share your love, especially an anniversary! Do you have one coming up soon? Buy some … Continue reading

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It has begun (no turning back) | Kitchen reno!

Yep, it has b-e-g-u-n, kitchen renovation time! The kind of “decorating” that involves demolition! I confess, I am giddy with excitement bec this isn’t a project that I meet with the contractors and give them the design plan, instead we … Continue reading

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Video - Little helper named TOOTHPASTE

Today’s video shows how to use TOOTHPASTE as a marker for picture frame hanging in 4 easy steps! You will want to pack a tube of toothpaste into your tool belt after this this 28 second video . . . … Continue reading

The 9 Steps to Install Kitchen Tiles (school is in!)

Hubs and I decided to skip a long vaca this year to splash around in our kitchen instead (yep, it’s kitchen reno time!). And even though I have my contractors # on speed dial, we plan to do most of … Continue reading


How to decorate with tights that don’t fit anymore!

What can you do with color tights that don’t fit anymore or have a hole in them? Instead of throwing them away, use their vibrant color to decorate a vase(s) in your home for a SPRINKLE of color. The stretchy … Continue reading

Psst - get a free journal + more!

Dont’cha love journals?!! The post “How I Glam My Nails” (hint: with glitter) inspired me to do a giveaway with nail polish + glitter + journal = so one lucky winner can document whatever their heart desires (ie: gratitude list, to … Continue reading

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How to make sweater vases | aka: spaghetti sauce jar

Creating sweaters for vases/containers (the Ada way!) is super easy to do and $0.00 cost since you are using material that you already have at home. Spring (cleaning) is around the corner so go inspect your closet this weekend for … Continue reading

Laundry? Workout? Nope, DIY craft!

Though it may look like I am protesting doing laundry by throwing clothing up in the air, its actually the fun start of my next DIY craft. I’m making - wait for it ….. sweater vases (economically, of course!). They turned … Continue reading

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how I glam my nails, economically!

Tsst, who said glitter is just for crafts? Now meeeee. Ya’ll know I love multi-functional furniture (like an ottoman that serves as a seat and storage), so it should be no surprise that I woudn’t buy glittered nail polish when I can … Continue reading

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Video: Making a Snow Penguin

Go to video link to see steps for making the snow penguins here!