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Year 2013 Best Moments Video! Statigram

My heart dances when I receive updates/love from my clients like Isela’s note on Facebook (clip of message shown above). Her gorgeous apt was featured on Instagram’s 2013 Best Moments video (15 sec video shown below). To see Isela’s gorgeous living … Continue reading


Our recycled Xmas tree + 2013 peek

Funny how certain traditions start with having the right “tools”. In our household having a sawzall and pruning cutter has turned into a New Years tradition of chopping down (recycling) our Christmas tree into firewood logs for our fireplace. We … Continue reading

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Happy 3 Wise Kings Day | Dia de los Reyes

Yeah, the Kings left a gift and their camels ate the hay, wink! January 6 is el Dia De Los Reyes, the day the 3 wise kings visited baby Jesus and gave him the gifts of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold. … Continue reading

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Snow angel gear (up) to play!

This year my resolution is to make time for fun (more smiles, more adventures, more uncontrollable giggles). No excuses! New York recently had a blizzard. So, I geared up, dove into the snow and flapped my angel wings. For today’s … Continue reading


Sprinkles on what? Bagels!

Yep this is a year of ‘why not’ fun! Why not add some sprinkles onto your bagel. Smooth some creme cheese onto your bagel, sprinkle sprinkle away, then fluff up the pillow on your sofa, place your feet up on … Continue reading

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Happy 2014 | 6 ways to make it sparkle

Happy new year my friends! Hubs and I had a spectacular new year’s eve and day - very sparkly! I took these pics to share the fun.  Isn’t fueling the spark (our desires and passions) within us a great goal … Continue reading