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Nicole’s Living Room Presentation Board

Here’s a peek at the presentation boards I created for Nicole to show her the design I had created for her.  I knew she was going to LOVE the sexy stiletto illustration (simple print that draws forth an emotion .. … Continue reading

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Nicole’s red-tacular living room!

Welcome to the design I created for my client Nicole (last week I featured her cowgirl shabby chic bedroom design. For her design, we rolled out the red carpet …. ok, not exactly red … it’s orange-striped-carpet tiles! Stripes for … Continue reading

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Living room sneak peek

  What a cRaZy busy week. Have you had those days … “blink” and its already night-time? Or the it-should-take-me-just-5-minutes, but instead it takes 45 min. Urgh! Ok. .. breath in and out … hummm <- rock that meditation to … Continue reading

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Hawaii | playing w/turtles, snorkeling, bumming

Off to Hawaii we went - totally EXCITED to explore the Big Island. We rented a house by Keauhau Bay in the Kailua-Kona area (I will post pics of the house soon …maybe this week?). It was so awesome that … Continue reading

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Eclectic cowgirl (yeehaw!) bedroom design

Yeehaaaw <- can’t help saying it whenever I see a cowboy/girl hat! Today I’m featuring the design I created for my client Nicole who was an equestrian since she was young (photos + fab medals to prove it!). I remember … Continue reading

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Tasty Tuesday | Pitaya fruit Hawaiian obsession

In Hawaii, we ate at Cafe Pesto. Economical and soooo delicious; don’t believe me, here are the photo proofs … above = my delicious mean, below = hubby’s choice … It’s in Hilo Bay area - which we stumbled upon (on … Continue reading

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a Tree and Bicycle IN a FOYER’s fabulousness!

Aloha! Our vaca-nniversay in Hawaii was wonderful; it included snorkeling during the day with turtles and at night with 14 foot wide Manta Rays, helicopter ride to volcano + waterfall and more (posting pics when I get the 1,025,052 photos I took organized! Office opened today, Wednesdays with … Continue reading

‘Blowing Kisses’ Flipbook

  Yep, we are still in Hawaii (you can checkout where we are now in Hawaii via my instagram updates) … I created today’s DIY post before we left. What did I make? A tiny (pocket-size) FLIPBOOK to give to hubby for our 4 year wedding anniversary. … Continue reading

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