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modern den design {with faux puppy!}

The above photo is a peek into my clients’ living room (which I will be featuring this Friday - stay tuned = same bat station! <- yep, I watched a Batman movie recently) and a glimpse of the dining room … Continue reading

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Tasty Tuesday {tomato caviar bowl}

Look what hubby surprised me with? I loooove caviar! I was having an ultra busy day (like having to hibernate in my office to catch up kind of busy) when hubby get’s home and DECLARES that I cannot go into … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it {magnetizing ur hammer w/luv}

Did you guess which was my hammer? (btw: I also have a pink swiss army craft knife set .. including screwdriver). I was going to start posting today some of the diys steps we implemented in our bathroom since we … Continue reading

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Friday’s Followup {dining room glam design}

Okay here it is - the peek into the glam’d up dining room design. Installations days are fun + ultra-exhaaaaausting. I totally become a cheerleader to the contractors (when they do a great job bec I know they r even MORE … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Wink { foyer design modern GLAM }

Ready to see how I glam’d up a foyer for my wonderful clients Cathy and Charles in Fleetwood? I have given a peek into their design before when I posted about how I prep my presentation boards, but I just … Continue reading

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Tasty Tuesdays {Ezekiel bread deliciousness}

    In my “eating healthier’ fix, I am aiming to incorporate more whole grain bread like Ezekiel bread. Have you ever tried it? I found it in the frozen section of whole foods/organic market? Of course I had to PIMP IT … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it {diy remote caddy for bedframe}

See where we have our remote control? Yep on the side of the bed. Literally ON THE SIDE, not on the nightstand. I’ll make today’s post quick (um, hopefully). COMFORTS to me include warmth (cozy bed) and accessibility to things. … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Smile Video … { GUIDE for hanging photos }

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FF {curtains added to bedroom for coziness}

Happy thank goodness it’s here Friday! Okay, here it is, a follow-up peek into the bedroom I decorated for my client Bill. Last Wed, I showed you photos of the living room which leads into the bedroom, so today it’s time … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Wink {What, Decorate with Wood Pallets? Yep}

Here they are … more pics of the living room (office / dining room) design installation for my client Bill. If u missed the previous posts, I gave some sneak peeks of the dining area here and of the meticulous awesome faux wood-grain painting by Anthony here. As … Continue reading

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