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Monday’s Make-it . . . Ceiling Wallpaper? Yes ‘ceiling’!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a GREAT weekend. Mine involved going to the international New York Times Travel Show in Jacob Javits Center, I kept eyeing the rock climbing wall but didn’t have my adventure shoes on so didn’t go for it (next … Continue reading

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Weekend photos . . . {what I saw in my morning walk}

How’s your weekend going? Today I’m sharing a few photos I took during my morning walk several dayssss ago as I practiced my photography - plus - the color story collage I created, inspired by the photos from my walk. Here’s a peek … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds . . . Electric fireplace + more

I hope you enjoy today’s Friday’s Finds … I find the collage to feel warm and cozy, and I hope you do too with the color tones and electric fireplace find (what a great mantle huh?!!). At home I have a wood burning … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Wink …. {Hello, Cupcake} Cuuuute!

I recently purchased a book for one of my assistants (Vicky!) who loves baking custom cupcakes; the book is soooo adorably cute and super creative that I just had to share a few pages with you … so you can oooh and … Continue reading

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e-decorating peek | Dream Design Kit …{Denver, Colorado} client

Oooh my, another day of snow in NY. I must confess I LOVE IT bec it looks so magical, I probably also love it bec I am working from home office today so no slushing/skating/slipping around in the snow. Perfect day to … Continue reading

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Weekend photos …{color collage + my wrist warmer}

Today’s color story collage is inspired by a gift I recently gave myself - beautiful gloves (aka: wrist warmers) with a crocheted flower. The wrist warmer is beautifully sewned by Teresa from Tempo Designs in Wisconsin. Not only are the gloves extremely beautiful (the color, … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds . . . Happy Birthday!

  Happy Friday (confetti ! ! ! ! !). This has been a great week for me (Valentine’s Day and my b-day on the same week - I love it!!). Every year (b-day and New Years in particular) I tend … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Wink - Shumons Living + Dining Room

Here’s one of my designs created for my client Shumon in Queens, NY … the main priority (apart from comfort and style of course) was creating a design that included his tv projector and it’s screen as well as a space for his karaoke … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it . . . {Japanese washi tape}

Happy Valentines! I hope you had a wooonderful weekend! Today I want to reveal my current obsession (the i-muuust-haaave at my office thingamagig). What is it? Masking tape! Ok, not the regular boringzzzzz masking tape … but the ohhhh so pretty ones called ‘Japanese … Continue reading

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Happy weekend … {vitamin love}

I know I should take vitamins, but I rather hide under the covers than do so. My hubby has found creative ways to entice me to take medicine .. including getting gummybear like vitamins (they are pretty yummy .. a bit … Continue reading