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Painting ceiling stripes (YEP, even a ceiling isn't a boring space around a decorator)

If you want to give one of your rooms a little re-vamp and don't want to change or repaint your ...

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Happy Weekend! Here are 4+ cool finds

Happy weekend and spring season. Y'all know what that means for us, right?! Above photo is a hint - that ...

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Cutest surprise idea for Valentine's day (DIY coffee stencils) | Free templates

I love heart conversation candies. I buy them every year since I can remember. I don't eat them (ok, I may ...

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3 steps to making a DIY strawberry flower (that you can eat!)

Mosey on over to SheKnows to see the article I wrote for them with all the steps on how I ...

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Happy Weekend | 5+ easy to make Valentines Gift ideas

Happy weekend! Is Valentine's Day sneaking up on you as well? It's next Saturday (already, yiiiikes), so I hit the ...

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SERVICES: 1. Full Interior Decorating Service; 2.Onsite Ideas Consultation; and for clients throughout the USA we have 3. e-decorating service, and  4. Email/Phone/Video Consultation. About 40% of Ada’s clients are men who do not believe that they should live in a ‘man cave’ (and we are very proud of them!), the rest are wonderful singles and couples who want Ada’s help illuminating their personality and style within their home.